Sunday, June 03, 2007

La Philosophie Dans La Jardin

Worry not, I shall not torture you more with my mangling of the french language. Nor will we pay any more than a passing nod to the Marquis. Hallett’s Mountain, as I am sure the gentle reader knows, leaves that kind of thing to others.
Its just that Asbo and I have been having some ‘man time’ together in the garden. I noticed that the cats had not finished their breakfast. The weather has been hot and close to thunder. They go off their Tesco cat chunks in times like this. They twitch in the secret shady spots and look for an endangered species to mock.
Asbo is always glad to clear up and so I sit with him for a little. Taking time off from the rhythmic scything of bracken that has left my mind free to wander elsewhere. While he eats his way through his second, and third breakfast I take a cool one from the fridge to the garden chair. We pass the time of day, watching the swallows dip across Cae Dan Ty.
The silence between us is easy. We mellow away.
After a while the swallows dip lower.
“You know mate, I reckon there could be a thunder storm any time now. Do you think I should unplug the phone?”
Asbo raises a quizzical eyebrow. Failing to detect any nuance of the word ‘walk’ he returns to his task. Perhaps he also considers the echo of the lone tree falling deep in the remote forest.
Far across the valley the skies darken ominously.
“I’d better get the line out of the modem as well.”
Asbo smiles at the follies of men and munches on. The thought of one hand clapping crosses his doggy countenance. How on earth would that be of any use if you wanted a biscuit.
The first flickers of lightening cross the miles, the radio inside the houses crackles. After long pause a few bass rumbles track around Craig Celynin and reflect upon us. The air temperature suddenly chills.
But the practical time for reflection is past.
Sitting with a beer at the garden table has its merits but we will soon be cold and wet if we don’t stir our stumps. I drain the glass and turn to my friend.
“Time to pack up and sit by the fire mate?”
Asbo shrugs off his canine philosophising.
Spits out the last chunk of the previously oval cats bowl and grunts.


headless chicken said...

It all sounded like a perfect afternoon,relaxing in the garden watching the birds....I was feeling quite envious until the regurgitated cats bowl bit and then I remembered why I'm not a big dog fan. They do tend to eat the most strange things sometimes don't they? Our old bulldog Eric (RIP.) ate many TV remote controls,several items of underwear and a mobile phone amongst other things!

Annie said...

Well done, Meredic.

And thanks for your kind comments about my fisher king today.

Lady Fotherington-Smethers said...

Cats don't eat such odd things as dogs but our cats are always being sick all the same.

Talking of cats thanks for your comment about the cat of the weazle variety - yes he did call the telephone the telling bone you must also remember electrickery!!

Sally Lomax said...

Our dog apprears to have eaten our measuring jug that came with the breadmaker. What's wrong with food I wonder?

me said...

oh, a classic. wonderful.

meredic said...

Headless Chicken – last night he discovered the recycling scheme….eeuuuw!

Annie – Greetings. It was a nice photo. I am surprised you could get so close.

Lady Fotherington-Smethers – electrickery . Yes! Indeed I do.

Sally – ‘appears’ ?? is there a possible finger of suspicion elsewhere?

Me – you are very kind. Thank you.