Friday, June 08, 2007

Bin Laden

We decided to form an action committee. Eager to be the first in the street to reach our target. The Boy, She Of The Town House and I sat round the kitchen table and voted. Axeman abstained as he was busy targeting missiles on western Europe.
Obviously I am chairperson. That is what I do best. An important overseeing role that won’t actually involve getting out of the comfy chair very often. She Of The Town House decides that she will be secretary. She is well qualified for this role as she has been a scrivener of note for the local sheepdog trials for some years. She won’t actually have to take many minutes as she has, like all of her gender, the memory of an elephant. This leaves the boy to do the actual labour. Immediately he demands a billion pound bribe.
A period of abuse and negotiation ensues. Eventually he settles for a shilling, but only in bob a job week.
And so we begin to recycle.
Our eagerness seems to have violated the councils rules of engagement though. Nearly three weeks after we have started cramming cans into the pitifully small box they send out a note explaining when they will actually start the fortnightly collection rota. We have a nervous moment while we consider our lager consumption and the diminishing space for squashed cans of all variety.
Axeman, returned to the table following a thaw in relations between east and west, hits upon an idea. If we just give the dogs leftovers and stale bread, we can save all the space that they will potentially use for the next week. This should help a little, and I have also noticed that the lid and sides of the container are quite bendy. It should respond flexibly to a fair degree of overstuffing. If we combine strategies, and attend the pub more frequently, we may just get away with it. Despite the hot weather.
Its going to be tough but we may just make it.

Googlers please note that this whole post is an attempt to justify mistaken title traffic.
Gentlefolk from Langley…it’s a joke…and the reference to a sniper rifle in my last post was in similar vein….
I’m going to have to hide out on the mountain aren’t I.


gypsydove said...

any reason to go to the pub more often....

here here...


DaveM said...

Never jest too much, someone may call the police!!!!!!!!!!!

dl said...

I'd be careful if I were you - I'm not sure the Langley guys do jokes. You could find yourself on the next plane to some dodgy Eastern European nomansland. Just don't mention 'echelon' - oops, too late!

On other hand, though, you'll probably be OK - they still haven't found the real OBL after six years of trying.

Sally Lomax said...

We have similar problems with recycling. Drives you mad. That is when Forest of Dean District Council don't bin their own recycling receptacles - which has also happened once or twice.

meredic said...

gypsydove - do they have pubs as we know em in New Mexico? I would guess that the demand for flat warm brown beer was less there.

davem - Brundstroms heroes are ever vigillant but tend to prey on the unwary motorist thank goodness.

dl - I was holding out for a free Caribean holiday. And yes, as long as I stick to the mountain I should be pretty invisible.

sally - To add to the oddity the recycling now means that my mountain hideaway gets twice as many collections as it used to.

meredic said...

Oooh sorry, Greetings dl. Do you have a link I can visit?

headless chicken said...

Recycling has almost become a hobby with K! We have 5 green box's outside for various different things but only the paper,cans and bottles(most of which are K's empty beer bottles!)are collected. The rest we take to the local tip once a week,usually a family outing on a Saturday morning after collecting Artist from her ballet lesson which she goes to with Tinkerbell Mushroom.

meredic said...

headless chicken - Ah I see you an K are another pair of us forty somethings who knows how to have a wild Saturday :-)

headless chicken said...

Oh yes...........Never let it be said that we don't know how to party!!!

dl said...

Hi Meredic,

Thanks for the welcome.

No, no website - yet.

Although, only yesterday evening she-who-must-be-obeyed suggested I start to jot down some thoughts.

Trouble is, I'm not sure what I might write about. There's my work, but even I don't find that inspiring enough to want to share with you all. Then there's my family life, but that's chronicled in pages not so far from here, in minute detail, and you certainly don't want it all twice. I suppose I could jot down some thoughts on current affairs, although that might just become a rant - no fun for anyone.

I'll give it some thought...

By the way, I must let you know I've been a bit of a lurker here for quite a while, and I find your writing immensely enjoyable. As I hinted, a fair amount of blogging goes on chez nous, and dozens - or even hundreds - of bloggers' scribblings scroll up our screen like movie credits. I'm a bit shorter on time, though, so I have to be more selective. And your site is always on my must-read shortlist. (I could divulge the others at some point, if anyone would be interested).

(Not wanting to appear sycophantic, whilst telling it how it is).

meredic said...

dl - Thank you for your kind and generous compliment.
It's a funny business writing on here. I would never have thought myself as having anything really to write about either. Indeed often I don't. The trouble is that once you start it gets quite compulsive.
Yes I would be interested in other links that you read.