Thursday, May 31, 2007

Amazed At A Mazda

Every now and then She Of The Town House manages to make my jaw drop. The reasons are usually best left unspoken. Events that I would be a fool to expose to public. This week though I can reveal two points on which she has caused the Hallett lower mandible to sag.
The first was when she made a very palatable Sunday dinner earlier in the week. She managed to get one in before the solstice. Don't get me wrong. She has prepared many fine meals. The thing is that the preparation usually comprises the waving of a credit card at a table in the local posh hotel.
The second was when she called me down to the old church car park as she had a puncture. Although still not free from pain, I put aside my man flu and got my best Mr Man overalls on. Crossing the style and the cattle grid I looked around for the little four wheel drive buggy that she has used to beat up other peoples cars for the last four years. The only thing I could actually see was a shiny midnight blue Mazda MX5.
She kept that quiet.
Apparently it’s a bit nippy!
Tips from motorcyclists who may have experience removing fly debris from toothy grins are welcome.


headless chicken said...

Nice car - She Of The Townhouse has good taste!
I will ask K about the fly debris - it's not too long ago he wore a piss-pot helmet!!

me said...

oooh - wind in whiskers!!!

me said...
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me said...

sorry - i cocked up my previous comment

DaveM said...

Zoom Zoom Zoom.

Sally Lomax said...

Nice car!!

meredic said...

Headless chicken - a fellow ex biker eh? Or does he wear full face now?

Me - Oi what you doin' trampling over the grass.

Davem - I just need to figure out the bike rack....

Sally - I couldn't say as so far I have been too grubby to be allowed in it. But it has got one of those little bags with a short gear stick in it.

headless chicken said...

Definately not an ex-biker! K has kept most of the bikes he has owned since he was 15. He has 7, they are;
Suzuki AP50
James Captain
350 Mac Velocette
Norton 359
Ducati Mk111 250 single
Triumph 595
and a Ducati SD Darmah 900 which he is riding to the Isle of Man for the tt races on Sunday!
He does wear a full-face helmet now.....far safer than the old piss-pot!

Brom said...

She made a Sunday Dinner earlier in the week. What on Tuesday?


DaveM said...

Came across this and thought of you. Its from the Forest of Dean.

John Helps a wer an honest mon;
The perry that a made
Wer crunched vrom purs as honest
As ever tree displayed.

John Helps a wer an honest mon;
The dumplings that a chewed
Wer made vfom honest apples
As Autumn ever growed.

John Helps a wer a honest mon;
And I be sorry a's dead.
Perry and honest men be scarce
These days, 'tiz zed.

DaveM said...

By FW Harvey

meredic said...

Headless Chicken - I fear my own biking experience pales compared to these. I wish I had kept them all though....

brom - greetings fellow traveller. Yes what indeed. I am particularly looking forward to the weekend ;)

davem - I should like to hear these words put to tune. Cutler perhaps or maybe Wedlock?
Do you know I may even learn them myself. They will go well with my accent. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sweet ride! (As we uncultured Americans say.)

Anonymous said...

Hey sir,nice to see your still alive and kicking,when will you be making your return..Ben Irving