Thursday, June 14, 2007

Must Catch The Post

Just a short note about something that I have seen in passing.

About a fortnight ago Frank left a note for Ann. He was obviously missing her. It seems they had a brief encounter last summer. One which preyed upon him to a degree that he just could not let go. The trouble was, he knew little more of her than a walk. A walk that shares the route taken by Asbo, Pugh and I first thing every morning.
I never thought she would reply but, to my surprise, she proved me wrong. Left a message. A message to which I am not privy.
Like an idiot Frank has managed lose her message. He has ballsed it up as it were.
Now he has had to leave another note in the same spot as the first.
I hope he takes better care this time.
Good luck Frank.

…. I shall try and keep you posted.
(Incidentally if your name is Ann and you fancy a shot at this, drop me a line and I will let you have the number)


Debs said...

Nice Blog. :) Thanks for the pics I saved them.

Lori said...

Well, I hope they find each other! I've seen messages like this online before, but never one posted outside like that. I wonder if he'll get calls from people other than Ann. You'll have to let us know if there are further developements.

headless chicken said...

Good luck to Frank! I hope there will be a happy ending... or maybe even a happy beginning...again!!

DaveM said...

If they manage to get in touch again I expect she give him a rollicking for loosing the number. I suggests he leaves it to fate and has a beer. After all she may be in the pub.

sablonneuse said...

I imagine Frank is no longer young. You do tend to lose things as you get older.
Thank you for your comment, by the way.

me said...

aaaaw. that is lovely, except ... he lost her message? That is careless.

Anonymous said...

>>> if your name is Anne

I can't read the whole message, but isn't it for Ann?

meredic said...

debs - greetings and thank you. If you would like higher resolution versions of those photos tweaked then send them to me and I will post them back to you.

lori - I imagine he gets calls from quite a few wind up merchants.

headless chicken - I hope there is a happy ending as well. I have considered that there may be a woman taking her walk in the opposite direction to hide from a nutter though.

davem - the tone of the first note (which I am ashamed to say I didn't take a picture of) suggested that they hadnt quite got to the rollicking stage yet...well not in that way anyway. I expect she will save it up for a few years down the line ;)

sablonneuse - hello there. I agree, I have a picture of people at least in thier forties, probably older. No Txt spk innit?

me - i reckon there is a film script in this note. i am working on it even now...

anonymous - (and really there is no need to be.) Quite right. I have revised my error, thanks for letting me know. If you click on the photo you are presented with a higher resolution version.

Thank you all for taking the time :)

Theblonde said...

Hi meredic, love the new site and the longer posts. some stunning scenic pics too. I really must come by more often! x

Anonymous said...

Good guys,nice blog~

Welcome to my WEBSTOR

Rosy said...

Enjoying your blog and like your pictures as well, this is my first time here, and I hope Anne and Frank will be able to meet up once again.

meredic said...

theblonde – welcome back. Thank you for your kind comment. You like the new shirt then? Hallett’s Mountain always has room for visitors.

anonymous – spammer. I shall continue to post 100Mb files of junk to your email. Bugger off.

I suppose I will have to put a verification on if it happens again.

rosy – welcome to you. I hope they find each other as well, I shall give Frank a ring in a week or two and see….

Sally Lomax said...

ahhh... what a great story.