Monday, April 23, 2012

Possibly The Last Post

If I whisper a secret do you think that you can hold it close to your chests? Can you keep it for me? Can you guard it safe?
I hope you might.

I have opened Pandora’s box you see….

Eh?? Oh no not that again. I am not talking about the phone thing again. No no no. Bigger than that I think!

I have cast aside the old bow rope. I have slipped the mooring. I am off on an adventure.

I have lived and worked in North Wales for thirty two years now. Barring Accidents, I shall not quite make it for the thirty third.

Next September I exchange the rural idyll of Hallett’s Mountain for the streets that are reputed to be paved with gold.

Coming soon.

Notes From Hallett’s London

Mae'r e-bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiadau iddo yn gyfrinachol ac wedi eu bwriadu i sylw'r derbynnydd a enwir yn unig. Gallai'r neges fod yn cynnwys gwybodaeth freintiedig. Os yw wedi eich cyrraedd ar ddamwain, ni ddylech ei gopïo, na'i ddosbarthu neu ddangos y cynnwys i unrhyw un, yn hytrach dylech gysylltu â'r sawl a'i danfonodd ar unwaith.