Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Feel The Magoo

Yes, yes, I know I have commented on this before but recycling is the new black. At least that’s the way I saw it this morning when I observed that the dung hawks had emptied a whole terrace of bins right outside The Town House. Already I see I have started to wander from my primary theme but bear with me I will probably make some kind of rambling sense in the end. Its just that I can’t sleep very well when She Of The Town House is away. I had a late night last night and was up and about around four this morning. So for me its already been a fourteen hour day. And I don’t suppose I shall see my bed before ten as She Of The Town House is back from the smoke on the nine o’clock train. Anyway, shortly after four I was rebagging the rubbish from every house in the street and fumbling up curses on the council and the gulls alternately. Where was I?
Back to the Magoo. This is The Town House version of the Star Wars ‘Force’. Basically you can substitute any favourite quote regarding the Force with Magoo. Bearing in mind that the Magoo field is the one that permeates the ether to make us clumsy. You know that the Magoo is with you when you when you pour the milk into the teapot.
The Boy is at an age where the Magoo is particularly strong. As he is growing fast (according to the measurements over my fridge he grew over an inch in the last three months) his brain is still catching up with the new centres of balance of limb and torso. He could probably back slowly away from the great pyramid of Cheops and leave it as an unrecognisable pile of rubble. He doesn’t quite have the mastery of the Magoo of the legendary ‘Gloop’, a boy from Penmaenmawr whom Dave and I almost lost in a swamp once, but he is close.
As She Of The Town House is away till late supper we decided to have a quick scoff straight after school today. We are still trying to use up an embarrassingly large over production from the Seed Fair earlier in the year.
* Hmm unless you are pretty familiar with my back catalogue this is going to be a bit unfathomable isn’t it. Oi….pay attention at the back there*
The thing is, we decided to have soup, bread and butter, and a packet of chips (French fries not crisps ( you see how I take care of friends across the water)).
Finding only one item of cutlery within reach, The Boy treated Axeman and I to a fine display. Buttering his bread was a minor work of art, but for my money the piece de resistance, was the consumption of a whole bowl of soup with nothing but a fork and determination. He may be a bit old but I’m wondering if we shouldn’t get his magoo-chlorians measured.
Right. Lets see if Asbo will release that squirrel so that I can use it to clear up this kitchen. Two hours to go.


rivergirlie said...

i've got cubic shedloads of magoo. i never realised it was a special gift until now. truly, i am blessed!

headless chicken said...

Strangely the Renegade(16)seems to be fairly unaffected by The Magoo but I think maybe I have his share.
I often pour milk into the teapot as well as sprinkle coffee on cereals, leave lids off sauce bottles before shaking, wander around the house looking for glasses that are on my face,etc etc.
I thought these were 'senior moments' or just me being a "dozy cow" as K would say but perhaps not....could it be The Magoo???!!

Sally Lomax said...

Now I know what has been affecting me all this time. Never having heard of Mr. Magoo until this evening I am pleased to say that you have educated me Meredic!

I strained some vegetables a few weeks back, but forgot to put them over the sink first. That was clearly a Magoo moment! The children thought it very funny!

buffalodickdy said...

The "Mr. Magoo" of my chilhood was a cartoon with the voice of Jim Backus. He would fumble his way through life with extremely poor eyesight, tripping,sliding,and leaving mayhem in his wake. But! He always came out OK due to dumb luck or circumstances. Is this the same guy?

DaveM said...

So its the Magoo that makes you throw the Mars bar away and try to eat the wrapper. Now I know.

Rosy said...

I too also remember a cartoon by the name of Mr. Magoo, used to be my favorite cartoon...after careful reading of your posting it still didn't quite sink into my american pea size brain what the heck you were talking about until I came to the comments area.

"Oh my dear what was it that I was commenting on now?

NOW I REMEMBER it is the Magoo!

meredic said...

Rivergirlie – we all have shedloads of The Magoo. After all, ‘It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together’ See how well this works!

Headless chicken – ‘The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of The Magoo’ togginess of the type you describe is often associated with The Magoo

Sally – ‘let your actions be guided by The Magoo.' Your strained vegetables are clearly a manifestation.

Buffalodickdy – the very same! I’m glad its not just me that remembers him. As for the bit about dumb luck, ‘The ways of the Living Magoo are beyond our understanding... But fear not. We are in the hands of something much greater and much better than we can imagine.’

Davem – Yep that whole wrapper eating thing rings the bell. ‘When the way before you is not clear, let your actions be guided by The Magoo.’

Rosy – ‘The Magoo is strong in this one.’

May The Magoo be with you all