Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Love

OK she has a face like she swallowed a wasp....she had a really full on case of dog breath...she snored fit to wake the dead...and she bum shuffles your favourite bit of carpet just by the fire.

Asbo didn't seem to mind....


john.g. said...

I know some women like that! Not personally of course!

sablonneuse said...

Are you keeping one of the puppies?

buffalodickdy said...

Dogs don't spend much money on dating- One sniff, and it's "That's for me!"

headless chicken said...

Time for a comment between breaking up arguments between kids, washing and drying all our very muddy clothes and keeping a close eye on the hugely pregnant pig.
We apologise on behalf of Clementine (aka.Clemmie,phlemmy,smelly-bitch,snorty pig-dog) for her very sluttish behaviour during our visit to Halletts Mountain. Not only for practically putting it on a plate for Asbo but more for the butt-scuffing.
Sorry about the rug.
She was obviously quite enamoured with the tall dark stranger!
A million heartfelt thanks to both you and She Of The Townhouse for your kind hospitality.
It's obvious why you are so in love with such a wonderful place.x
p.s. Izzy says don't forget the poem. (Pleeeese!)

Anonymous said...

Thankou for letting me stay in your
house on magical mountain. I had a
lovely time and I'm excited about
coming back in the summer if you
let us.
love Izzy xxx

meredic said...

Izzy it was lovely to see you.

Anonymous said...