Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Smile

As thrilled as any man would be with a new mower, I decided yesterday to have a little al fresco art attack. I was inspired by figures like the Cerne Giant and the White Horse at Uffington. Taking in to account my own lack of ability and thinking that I would have to wait a few weeks really to see the full effect, I have carved a smiley in the grass below the house. I expected it to become more visible as the grass greens up and the difference between the cut and the uncut became distinctive.
Then last night it snowed.
People from Colwyn Bay to Liverpool will be looking up this morning and, I hope, smiling right back at me.

This is just the sort of thing that winds up in the Weekly Witter and gets me labelled as eccentric by my students…..
Oh well, there is no such thing as bad publicity.


Anonymous said...
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DaveM said...

Thats billiant M. It looks a superb place. The Cardiff exhibition is down the Bay in whats called "the tube". As I said before, let me know when you are down here and if you need a "guide". All the best, and dont forget Bulmers Pear cider!!!

meredic said...

Oh no not another spammer, two in two days, I have found my way on to a list ....drat

headless chicken said...

Brilliant! All who see this will indeed smile.:)
Your house looks amazing. Hopefully we will see it soon.....Kev reckons maybe this weekend, depending on work etc?

sablonneuse said...

What a great idea and the snow came down to help. What more could you ask?