Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What The F...

So there I am thumbing through other peoples blogs...

"Where's that other thing that we had?"

She Of The Townhouse interrupts my travels.

I have not the faintest clue what it is she is banging on about.


Sparkle Plenty said...

My Toppermost Favorite Answers to the Question "Where's That Other Thing That We Had?"

1) "On that shelf next to the whatsy."
2) "I think that guy came and took it away. You know. The guy. The one that takes stuff."
3) "It's under the thingamajig."
4) "Wuzzat?"
5) "Outcome unclear. Ask again later."
6) "We still have our health, dear, that's all that matters."
7) "Sorry. I ate that other thing that we had."
"What do you mean you ATE that other thing that we had? How could you have EATEN that thing?"
"I was bored. Sorry."
8) "______________(fill in name of child or pet) ran off with it."
9) "We will never know. It was always meant to roam free."

Anonymous said...

Sparkle Plenty - I love your list. The amazing thing is that he usually knows full well what I am banging on about....! Just for the record, I also have a saying when certain people can't find things. I call it "Man-looking".


meredic said...

A/ Get on with your work
B/ Get your own blog!

buffalodickdy said...

You actually listen? Wow. I gotta try that once, and see how it goes... My wife will say something softly from another room. I will let her know I couldn't hear her. She will then repeat it at the same decibel level as before- guess what? I can't hear her then, either!

john.g. said...

Meredic, you tell her! Then scarper!

Mike said...

Re: "Man Looking".
It is well known in these parts that the male of the species evolved a very astute eye for anything that is moving. It is how he kept his family fed in the days when evolution was still in the positive direction.

A consequence of this optimised eyesight is that the male sometimes has difficulty seeing objects that are not moving.

p.s Don't know what came over me!

Buffalodickdy: That must be some evolutionary trait of the female.


headless chicken said...

Kev is incapable of finding any misplaced items unless they are stapled to his face......which is what I have the urge to do everytime I find his 'lost' keys/wallet/mobile etc etc......