Saturday, April 05, 2008

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Well it does if you are daft enough to stand downwind of this beast.
Whenever high wind and snow is forecast by the BBC I take this as a guarantee of good weather. The gloom and doom foreseen this morning meant that it was time to cook meat over a fire in the garden.
Observe, if you will, my latest contribution to the world of the cookout.
To the uneducated eye it may look like a bath, some bricks, an old metal plate, and a wheelbarrow. Of course Heston Bloominheck (and I suspect Buffalodick) would recognise the genius that is my new barbecue smoker.
Costing precisely nothing, this fine instrument polished off several poultry and half a pig this afternoon. Or rather my guests did. Please note that as children were present I was also forced to turn a couple of carpet burgers that had earlier been smuggled out of aisle thirteen.

Children do not try this at home.
Oh and ladies…fear not…I used the ‘B’ bath.
My hot tub still awaits your pleasure.


Anonymous said...
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meredic said...

A filthy spammer on my blog! I dont think so pal.

sablonneuse said...

You mean you were able to cook in the open air this week?
If we tried that here everything would be drenched. And it's snow forecast for tomorrow.

buffalodickdy said...

The smokers I have seen... That was innovative, inexpensive, and probably one of the more original I have seen lately! Everthing came out great, I suspect?

meredic said...

hey I am glad you had a look at it buffalodickdy. Yep, worked a treat, a delicious light smoke.

meredic said...

Sandy it was lovely here yesterday. A blue sky to die for and perfect for eating with friends.