Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pretty In Pink

How many of you have puzzled over it I wonder? All those little capital letters on the washing machine. Program A for this wash, Program B for another. Program X ‘Something for the weekend sir’.
In her own personal alphabet of machine generated surprises She Of The Town House hit upon program P. This is the one where she uses quite a warm wash, a nice new red top that she has just bought for her new job, and of course all the shirts and shorts that Axeman likes best.
She whacked them all in in a hurry and chose the pink wash.
Later on, when she spotted it, she decided that if she threw a few of them round a second time on a hotter setting then they might correct themselves.
Axeman will soon be looking for someone on e-bay who wants cheap clothes for their baby daughter. Clothes that used to fit him (in a different colour).

He hasn’t found out yet……

Incidentally Hallett’s Mountain would like to relieve possible anxiety here.
We call him Axeman because he wields a guitar.
Quite well.


headless chicken said...

Hi Meredic
K was banned from doing the washing years ago. The amount of once white, pink and blue/grey clothes that used to come out of our machine drove me mad.So now I just moan about having to do all the washing with no help from anyone else....but at least it stays the same colour!

headless chicken said...

How are you feeling now, by the way?

meredic said...

Headless Chicken - in response to 1 I feel they may have outwitted you.
In response to 2 How kind of you to ask. Seldom free from pain but like all good men, never one to complain.
My only commenter eh! A sole mate then.

headless chicken said...

You're welcome!
Oh yes...you're probably right about them outwitting me. It never occurred to me. Like K telling me how I cook much better than him...and iron....and clean....
I can be a bit dense sometimes:)

Sally Lomax said...

We've found the P for Pink wash occasionally.......

Sally Lomax said...

Probably a little too often!