Friday, May 18, 2007

Lost In Cyberspace

She Of The Town House has upped and gone. Oh no worries she hasn’t ‘gone’ gone but a new job and the call of the wild will have her on the road for the next ten days or so. Things round here just aren’t the same without her.Without the civilising influence I am reverting to a bear in a cave.

When I have other people around I love to cook. Various lovingly selected fresh ingredients are crafted into culinary surprises to delight She Of The Town House, Axeman and The Boy. And on the rare occasion they fail to please Asbo and Blind Pugh are far too polite to mention the smoky flavour.Left to myself though, as I have been now for two long lonely days and nights I seem to be able to survive on peanut butter and Marmite ( Vegimite, yeast extract…for you Aussies) for days on end. This slapped between two slices of wonderbread.In times gone by it was chicken leg stew. Kept on the stove for days. Even this seems to escape me now.

I also seem to be unable to sleep much. I find myself watching TV till after 1a.m. in the morning. Something I never usually do. I am seldom up after 10p.m. on my own. And though I usually wake early, I seem to be rising some time around 5.a.m. now.

Walking along the Cob this morning I found myself in conversation. I was discussing the sociology of virtual networks somewhere between my head and Blind Pugh. Also Musing the kind of templates I might use for adventures on the web. Being a dog, Blind Pugh was only replying with the occasional grunt. Enough to keep my flow going though. He doesn’t grunt much but he does it in all the right places. Distracted for a moment by an interesting smell, he looked up and asked me to repeat a particular point.

“I beg your pardon…”

Now that was a pretty unusual thing for a dog to say. I had a brief flash that perhaps my social isolation, my lack of contact with the outside world beyond the “Weekly Witter”, was seeing me further from the plot than usual. Maybe I really should get out more.

As I stood looking down at him a jogger passed by.


Sally Lomax said...

I like the new blog! If you ever want to return to Live Journal, then all you have to do is put a link to it, like you did to this one..........

But I much prefer the look of this one. It's clearer and easier to read somehow. I actually have left a comment on this same post on Live Journal, but will come here next time!

meredic said...

I have a personal fondness for LJ Sally. But I notice that it gives people without an account difficulty. Also I need to experiment with other sites.

Gypsydove said...

ah... as long as you keep us updated once in a blue moon....

and you would be surprised at how much intellegence a dog has... normally they think us humans...silly...when all they need to worry about is a warm bed to sleep in, water, food, and a nice bone or two... Humans need so much else... grin