Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Prisoner

We had a call last night. She Of The Town House was twittering in great excitement. Part of being chosen Grand Pooh Bah of a whole celtic nation is a stay in the heart of union for training.
She is extolling the facilities and the view from her room.
It seems that from her vantage point high up in some tower she has a direct view over the Thames towards Walworth. She can also see complex mechanical bridge in a bizarre mock gothic style. The room has many attractive stone features. Ethched into one of the windowsills is the legend “Gruffydd ap Llewelyn woz ea”. All seems fine except for some problem with the key.
Meanwhile back at the town house The Boy, Axeman and I are a bit puzzled by what seems to be some kind of humorous ransom demand that we have received bearing the Queens Seal. I have tried ringing the number at the top of the note but it keeps giving strange electronic clicks before transferring me to an ever changing recorded message left by someone purporting to be ‘Number Two’.
Just as a precaution I have looked up “instruction, London, Number Two” on google but there seems to be something wrong with my safe search cookie.
I wonder what’s on the news.

(Hallett's Mountain apologises if the references are obscure but even the walls have noses)


me said...

hands up all those confused but still charmed

Suze said...

I'm not sure what you are talking about but you seem to be enjoying yourself. :)

meredic said...

me - please put your hand down I will confuse myself with a teacher.

suze - greetings. How Rude! Solitary enjoyment is the essence of blogging perhaps?

others? have I been to obscure this time. I know mike_h likes a challenge. I am sure he can spot the references. Incidentally Mike, I have found that tree at last. Silly of me not to spot it years ago. I still haven't opened that envelope either.

Anonymous said...

You are right, I do like a challenge but I am not quite there yet I'm afraid. Any chance of another clue? It sounds like a "demand with menaces", and there is a reference to inhabitants of "The Village", but I can go no further with it.
Glad you found the tree. I assume you mean the Robin Hood one. Reminds me I must get the magic photos out again.