Monday, May 28, 2007

Man Flu?

For two days dear reader I have been a man wracked with pain. A man too weak to write. Unable to stray far from the toilet. Save to get another roll from the freezer.
I am trying to figure out what exactly it was that I ate and all the others didn’t.
Today we, She Of The Town House and I, are off to the garden centre. Garden centres can educe strong emotions. For this reason we have also pencilled in a visit to North Wale’s finest cider house somewhere along the way.
I recommend The Penryhn Arms to one and all. A pub that deserves more attention than it gets. Its got a dodgy website but is the only pub I have ever found draught perry in.
I am very pleased to see that Microsoft doesn’t recognise the word ‘perry’.


me said...

draught perry will frighten off any residual bugs, for sure
I tried strawberry perry recently - for a bet.

Jayne said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You were right, I should have kept quiet over reasons for the loss.

Hopefully, you survived the trip the garden centre and the cider house. Sounds interesting. :)

DaveM said...

I'm sure a few pints of cider or perry will see off those nasty bugs. I have never tried draught perry, I will certainly look out for it now.

meredic said...

me - this stuff was green so I assume it was pear. I wouldn't bet on it though.

jayne - Hello there.

davem - the only place I have ever seen it on draught is North Wales. Odd as i spent many years in Somerset.

Sally Lomax said...

Oh dear........

It must be hard being a man sometimes.....

(Hope you are better now! :))