Friday, January 04, 2008

What A Great Age You Are Grandmama

Today was my grandmothers 96th birthday. She and I have been out for a meal.
We had a bit of a laugh with her wheelchair and getting in and out of my car.
We dined out at a very nice Chinese restaurant in Bath and then took a tour around the park. We talked over old times and speculated on whether she would reach her hundredth birthday.
Later, as she was falling asleep in the chair, I realised that I was almost exactly half her age.


DL said...

...and you didn't call in here??

Happy New Year, Meredic!


buffalodickdy said...

I still respect great age. I worked at a rest home when I was in school, and found people-no matter how dull, can live long enough to have at least one good story! Most have wisdom that is only learned through living.

Sally Lomax said...

Happy New Year!!

Fantastic....... so you can live as much again, and a little bit more, because you are satrting as a grown up......

and still have fun!

Anonymous said...

what a great age! Im glad you and your grandmother had a good day, funnily enough I had a good day that day too !