Saturday, January 19, 2008

Déjà Vu ?

Many years ago , on an eighteenth birthday that turned out to be memorable for reasons that I wont completely embarrass you with, one of the gifts I was given was a book token.
This represented the thoughts and good wishes of a group of friends that shared my life and lunchtimes in the sixth form college.
Lets see, Soo, Christine, Elaine, Julie, Alison, Peter, Kath, Jayne….Oh dear I am going to have to find it now and edit up at a later date.
The thing was the token had a picture on the front that was a puzzle to me at the time. Envisaged as some time in my future was a man nurturing a whisky and a pipe, feet up beside a glowing log fire, getting stuck in to an improving book. This latter presumably being the focus, in keeping with the nature of the gift.
Pleased with their generosity and the sentiments expressed within I made demure reference to the naffness of the picture. And to a woman ( sorry Pete it just scans better..) they assured me that this was an accurate representation of their own expectations of my future.
You can imagine what a blow this might be to an eighteen year old lad. The lanky Don Juan who agonised over the affections of young women just such as these was seen as a pipe and slippers man! It all seemed a dismal prospect.
The hormonal rollercoaster was put firmly back on track at a shared party in Hanham cricket club later that evening thank goodness. Even so some niggle of doubt surfaced again last night.
She Of The Townhouse is away on a witchcraft course you see and so for two nights I am alone. And I expect you can see it coming….
There I sat, nurturing a whisky, feet up beside a glowing log fire, getting stuck in to an improving book. The pipe was replaced by a stinking dog, a black Labrador grunting from time to time at my feet.
To all intents and purposes I had become the picture on the card. Disturbing.
So there we go, I am at a loose end again tonight. What should I do?
Text me, let me know, leave a note in the comment box perhaps?
I mean there’s the pub. The cinema. I could go out and watch the moon on a remote beach ( if the rain stops). I could dash out for some Kentucky fried weasel at the drive through. The night is pregnant with all kinds of exciting possibilities that I am eager to have drawn to my attention.
What do you think?

Oh incidentally, in case any of you out there in BlogSpace are reading it
A Guide to the Gower by Wynford Vaughn Thomas
The Oxford Book of French Verse
Wandering by Herman Hesse.
Thanks girls…..and Peter


Lesley said...

Too late for suggestions. So what did you do?

meredic said...

Not too late at all Lesley. Several hours to go in fact!
QAnd anyway I can always save it up for later.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

The pub. At least you get to actually talk to people there. Avoid the fried rat!!!!

meredic said...

They serve rat in Blah! One of my all time they deliver or should I book a taxi?

Anonymous said...

I know where you live - I could come over amuse you!
jgfc X

meredic said...

Home entertainment....hmm... yes I hadnt thought of that . Good point
Why the cloak of anonymity?

janeygirlfruitcake said...

Because I like to be mysterious - well it amuses me anyway!
ok if you must know it was because I hadn't worked out how to say who I was.....

Lesley said...

You should embrace old-codgerhood. What you need is some more exciting reading matter - maybe the Reader's Digest? Or you could always compose a letter for your local newspaper about some glaring problem the council has overlooked (maybe something about dustbins). Or do some internet research on hearing aids - you never know when you might need one. Or phone up the jehova's Witnesses and ask them to send someone round because you'd like to talk about the bible. All of this in your NoëlCowardly satin dressing gown worn with a cravat, of course.

meredic said...

janeygirlfruitcake - just as I thought then

lesley - and to think I used to quite like you :-P

sablonneuse said...

If it's raining chez-vous like it's chucking it down here then I can't think of anything better than a whisky and a good read by a log fire - but then I'm quite a bit older than you are. . . . .

meredic said...

Well it isn’t chucking it down but the evening isn't clear so astrophotography isn’t going to be in the plan.
I have had a couple of very nice 'mountain' lamb chops and a glass or two of red. Currently tucking in to the camembert with an apple and a home made roll.
Next it’s a glass of whisky and a café with perhaps a small galaxy bar that I have been saving for a special moment.
I think we can see which way this is going folks.
Mind you I still value suggestions for things to do on a Saturday Night alone.
Errm Sandy I may want to rephrase that a little

Rosy said... guess you finished that book by now and ended up having a knock down drag fight with the dog over the bed. lol

I am back up and running again with a new blog and wow do I much to catch upon with everyone's blogs.

DaveM said...
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DaveM said...

Its cabin fever weather this weekend in Wales and judging from your last comment you've done the right thngs. Warm fire, food, some wine and a good book. I spent Saturday planning and booking a cycling trip to the Cotswolds, even cycling to the station to get the tickets. You will like this bit...4 cyclists, 4 bikes, return Cardiff to Cheltenham, and we have to travel on separate trains as only 2 bikes per train, ...............32 separate tickets!!!!!!!!!!

bittersweet me said...

You might have tried some other sort of photography, if the skies were not visible.

I was puppy-sitting last night; delightful, and he didn't even snore much.

meredic said...

bittersweet me - you are right. I have a spanking new camera and I should be doing more with it.

Peach said...

hey Im too late to recommend sat night antics but I hope you got well and truly gorging on the kentucky fried, I love the stuff. also I hope you went moon gazing, was a triff idea. am gonna add you on facebook so the next time you're alone we can play scrab x

buffalodickdy said...

Funny how we grow older, but then an incident confirms it...

john.g. said...

Meredic, you know where my local is!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Meredic! That sounds like a lovely evening. There are charms to be found in all kinds of rollicking and adventure-packed evenings. But, ah...Good food and drink, a blaze in the fireplace, an intriguing book, and a companionable (if richly-odored) canine? Nothing wrong with it. Not a thing.

startare said...

How about knitting?

Redbeard76 said...

You have Kentucky Fried Chicken in North Wales? I'm sorry.

I mean- how nice!

Sounds like a nice evening to me, I miss the days of having a fireplace or woodstove.

Your writing is quite enjoyable, I wandered over here from seeing you over at Jayne's and Sparkle Plenty's.

HeulynValaVika said...
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HeulynValaVika said...

Too late for Saturday, but you should come out with me tonight for that drink =]

Speak soon!

a.k.a Spangles