Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hot Stuff

Around this time of year I find myself thinking about Dave. My best friend for twenty odd years was taken away by foul cancer two years ago now. We had taught the same role in schools side by side ever since way back and we knew each other like a pair of old socks. We were the same age as well, still are I suppose but its not so easy to talk to him now.
It was around now that I spoke to him for the last time. Squeezed his hand. Cried a bit as I walked away. But you know he would be awkward if I made a scene so instead I will trot out one of his thoughts in the hope that those who knew him will turn a smile with me and he will continue to be remembered with affection by a generation before he fades. As of course we all must.
We used to waste time occasionally speculating on a program on the TV. ‘Ready Steady Cook’ has been on BBC for some time now. Its format is that two guests bring in a bag of food costing no more that five pounds ( about ten dollars (US)) and then, with the aid of two celebrity chefs, turn the contents into a spectacular feast inside twenty minutes.
We would idle away a few pints of beer amusing ourselves over the most unlikely ingredients that you could tip out of the bag and face the poor schmuck who really had to deliver.
Tara Palmer Wotsname came up with an interesting take when she tipped a pair of red high heeled shoes out in front of Anthony Worral Thompson. He made a herb omelette out of the storecupboard specials that the chefs are allowed access to in order to supplement if memory serves.
We decided that we had to stick to food items though. Eventually Dave came up with something that we felt would crush any attempt to deal with it.

Out of our bag would crash a turkey, deep frozen overnight in a bath of liquid nitrogen.

Right then fellas, twenty minutes starts now, ready steady cook!


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

LOL! Oh that would be evil! You could see Anthony bringing out the blow torch to cook it! Memories. Don't you love them?

bittersweet me said...

Both the posts are wonderful. I am sure he would have been very touched.

john.g. said...


DaveM said...

Nice memories, he'll always be there. Can you deep freeze A W T I wonder?

Mike said...

"Dear Dave" is a glowing tribute.

I wish I could have met him; I am sure I would have liked him.

Hold those you love close.


buffalodickdy said...

We are getting to the age where people you've known and liked start leaving.. Leaving a legacy in the form of stories and memories you can enjoy and cherish until you check out..

Jayne said...

Love the story.

Memories are a great thing.

Peach said...

hey, message for Dave for you to pass on, LOVE THE HAT!!!

Nice posts X

Mike said...

How about smashing it with a large hammer then deep frying the little pieces to produce some uniquely-shaped turkey nuggets? Heston might even be interested.


Anonymous said...

I mean Heston Blumenthal, not Heston motorway services! A top chef being named after a motorway service station; how ironic.


Rosy said...

Memories can be great at times!