Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Right Dogs Breakfast

I have returned from 'the foreign' to two starving mutthounds. Free this year from the rigours of Camp Bow Wow, Asbo and Blind Pugh have been cared for by Axeman. One can only conclude that as he ran out of frozen pizza he must have held back a sack full or two of dog biscuits for himself. Both are looking gaunt and hollow around the eyes. Left un cared for this means that I will not only have Mitzi to answer too but the RSPCA as well. Oh well at least it should be fun.
After the early morning walk I am reminded of the joke about two bulls in a field.
As we prepare breakfast, Asbo jumps around the kitchen with the vigour and inexperience of youth. I prepare the biscuits, open the can of meat, stir in a little hot water, leave things to cool down for a minute or two, and then crush the can for recycling. By the time this is all done Asbo is careening from wall to wall and is practically eating the legs of the furniture.
As he hears the can descend into the green bin, Blind Pugh raises a sleepy eyebrow. He shuffles over to his eating spot and arrives just as the bowl descends for him. Minimum effort, same result.

Could I thank everyone for continuing to show such patient interest to my poor notes. Thankfully now I shall be able to catch up with you all again.


headless chicken said...

Glad you are back Meredic...have missed you!
I do hope all the dogs are ok.... She Of The Townhouse is a bit of a softie?....all the best people are!:)

buffalodickdy said...

Welcome back! I'll hand it to the British and most of Europe- You guys get way more vacation time than most people in the States!

Lori said...

Asbo and Bling Pugh sound like an interesting pair. Welcome back from your vacation! We like to hear your stories.

john.g. said...

Asbo and Blind Pugh would go down well in the pub. Especially Asbo. Sounds a bit of a hooligan! Welcome back.

sablonneuse said...

Great to see you're back but it seems Asbo and Pugh were pining. When we had to put our cats in a French cattery while we moved house the twins lost so much weight I vowed never to do that to them again. Aren't we soft over our pets?

Stephanie said...

Awww. I hope your mutthounds get spoiled to make up for it!

Richenda said...

There you are! I've been yelling an SOS for you in my LJ.
Advice needed!


Rosy said...

Welcome back from your vacation and I bet the dogs were very happy to see you back.

bittersweet me said...

Blind pugh is an inspiration. welcome home.

meredic said...

headless chicken – a softie… I don’t think so….

buffalodickdy – do you think so? I guess mostly its just four weeks plus a few bank (public) holidays.

lori – thankyou

john.g. – I intend to look that pub up myself sometime soon, never mind the dog.

sabloneusse – soft over pets…. hmmmm… sometimes but not often with me

stephanie – spoil a dog…. no fear. I leave that to She Of The Town House

richenda – replied to!

rosy – well you know, they like to be fed watered and walked. Yep they bounced a bit.

bittersweet me – inspiration…. No he’s a dawg!