Thursday, August 23, 2007

Deedle eedle ee dee dee

The men from Meridian are down on the beach early. I guess that if they left it a couple of hours they would have to film with the obligatory wavers in the background.
They have recorded Joe raising some lobster pots and now they are back at the cove. Jim Miller is giving them a hard time.
“So tell me Jim, have you seen many changes in the village?”
“Buggered if I know…..” He has answered their every question so far with this alone, but suddenly he changes tack.
“You know what,” he speaks a Dorset burr that has been turned on a lathe, one that I will spend the first week back on Hallett’s Mountain wearing out like my southern tan.
“You know there’s only half a dozen of us left in the village. All they others is new comers. An’ I’ll tell you this, they don’t know bugger all.”
Jim punctuates a most of his conversation with expletives.
“They don’t know bugger all at all.
You know they comes down here from I don’t bloody know, and the first thing they does is buy one of they wax jerkins. After that it’s a pair of green boots, a thumbstick with a ‘V’ Shaped notch in ‘im, and pretty soon a black dog of some sort or another. Then they’ve got the fucking cheek to call theyselves country folk.
Well let me tell you, they aint a single one of those bastards been fifth in a tin bath in front of the fire ever in their lives. Or walked to school with holes in their shoes.
Somehow I can’t see this being used in a feel good nostalgia program about men making their living from the sea.
Later on, Jim and I review the encounter back up at the duck pond.
“You see Murtoch,” this is what he choses to call me most.
“You see Murtoch, they all comes down here lookin’ for the village idiot but the truth is he’s the one you bring with you. Fancy a drink you ole bugger?”


startare said...

A drink at 9 in the morning? after reading the previous post about little sister's binge, I wonder if you should all join AA.;)

headless chicken said...

Thanks Meredic.....Just got home after a hectic day out with the kids, feeling a bit weary and a little stressed but after reading your post I feel cheered up. I love local dialects especially west-country ones!:)
Lots to write about but I haven't had time yet.......

john.g. said...

He'd fit in well in our pub!

meredic said...

startare – bienvenue. No no I wasn’t drinking at that time of the morning! We compare notes by the duckpond in the afternoon! Just before the aperitif.

headless chicken – the problem with having so much to write is knowing what it is safe to leave out I guess. It was lovely to meet you and yours at last. I am likewise returned home now but we may be off to the beach this afternoon.

john.g. – never mind that ole bugger. I’d fit in there as well.

Rosy said...

I am totally lost, what is a bugger?

bittersweet me said...

a charming post, but i can't wait to see how meredic is going to define a bugger ...

meredic said...

rosy - buggered if I know!

bittersweet me - I am sure that you are familiar with the many nuances of the word.

(.....rosy - I'll get back to you on that one)