Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Faithful dog Tray passed on last winter after a long and curiously deaf life. So my sister decided to leave her eldest with the responsibility for choosing a replacement. This particular nephew, is a handsome Adonis who towers over my mere six foot. Small surprise then that he should have alighted upon something equally large crossed with a Great Dane.
Jesus it’s a massive dog!
I mean think of a huge dog and then double it and you will probably be on the slip road of the right track.
She Of The Townhouse, The Boy and I are staying in Bristol for the first week of our holidays. In return for a free week, we get to look after the beast and its pocket-sized companion. The former graced by the name of ‘Iddy’ and the latter ‘Onion’. She also leaves a cat called ‘Sock’, some rats that give She Of The Townhouse the creeps, and a couple of guinea pigs, as well as various aquatic creatures, and plants that we have to try our best not to kill. All in all we shall be lucky if none of them have to be hidden away and excuses invented.

On Saturday night we returned from the pub just before midnight. Ears ringing to the legend of Rock The Billy and, speaking personally, none the worse for a gallon of cider.
“Oh my god! Dad you’d better come and have a look at this.”
* here I feel I should introduce my daughter, now to be known as “The Graduate”*
We all crowd around the sitting room door, the room where Iddy has spent the evening.
Well that is to say it used to be the sitting room. From what we could remember, having seen it earlier, it had some reasonably attractive, albeit worn, leather furniture. There was a table and some wooden chairs a fruit bowl and … oh you know. The usual kind of thing.
Since we left for our evenings entertainment though, something strange has happened. Someone has dumped a huge amount of furniture stuffing and a large skip full of builders rubble right on top of the nicely patterned rug. Clearly several fly tippers have mistaken my sisters sitting room for a layby.
They must have had a fright though. Sitting in the middle of the debris, grinning from ear to ear is an exhausted canine leviathan.

When she gets back from even further south, I am going to suggest that the dog is renamed Telford. It seems a shame to waste such a talent for civil engineering by using a diminutive of idiot.

Apologies to the people i usually comment on. While I am on holiday I am getting occassional access for half an hour in public libraries! Normal service will be resumed in three weeks!


buffalodickdy said...

Criminy! That is one big dog! Were you warned about this possible behavior?

Anonymous said...

When I saw this title I wasn't expecting the subject to be a dog.


Idris when I's dri!

DL said...

Trades Decriptions Act... this clearly ISN'T a note from Hallett's Mountain.

Iddy sounds like a smasher! I'm sure they weren't that keen on the old sofa anyway.

Great to meet you and The Boy the other day, and a shame SOTT wasn't with you also. Another time...

sablonneuse said...

Does their house insurance cover animal antics such as this? Where will yu leave Iddy next time you go out - or will you take him with you? He obviously craves company.

john.g. said...

Meredic, Telford built bridges, Iddy sets about burning them!

Sally Lomax said...

Perhaps he intended to build the bridge next. Getting the rubble ready was the first step...

meredic said...

buffalodickdy - I was told to put a muzzle on him if I took him out for his walk by car as he might "get a bit excited"

anonymous - hmm I write a lot of shaggy dog stories though. Maybe I need to start tagging and catalogueing ( agh whatever the word is!

dl - Hallett's mountain has an abstract element to it as well as a concrete one. I carry the abstract with me where ever I think I am....Yes it was great to meet up with you all at last. perhaps next week?

sabloneusse - he is now wearing his muzzle a lot! He is quite a fun dog actually but very undisciplined. Working on that now!

john.g. I think you may be talking about the days before Telford was turned to 'the dark side'....

sally - possibly but then why did he need to chew up two perfectly good skirting boards as well?

Rosy said...

Perhaps the dog was just getting even for not taking him out with you.