Saturday, November 29, 2008


I know I may have mentioned it before but North Wales is one of the corners that the great Moo Moo has favoured.
No large carnivores, nothing very poisonous in the flora or the fauna ( with the possible exception of a couple of mushrooms). A climate that is beneficially regulated by the thermal inertia of the sea. And spectacular scenery.
I forced the Hallett butt down to a cold kitchen early this morning and sorted out some sandwiches, coffee and some mountain gear. Asbo and I set of half an hour later and by nine o’clock we had parked up, tooled up and were off on the path to Marchlyn Mawr and then onwards to an old mountain favourite. Elidir Fawr is in a slightly less fashionable corner of the national park but the views from the top are spectacular. In fact I think it is the only summit from which you can see all the other mountains in Snowdonia, well all the ones over 3000 ft (I apologise for not using metres but somehow the figure holds less appeal).
Anyway when I got to the top the views were second to none.
Have a look here
Tomorrow I shall go and sunbathe on the beach.


DaveM said...

Great shots and made all that more dramatic by the snow. It is a beatiful country we live in. To me one of the attractions of your area is the compactness of it. Pleased you enjoy L C. I felt the same way when I went to see Joan Baez, but she didn't let me down either.

headless chicken said...

Wonderful photos Meredic, thanks for sharing them with us. Makes me realise how much is missed when busy at home with day to day life, kids etc. Oneday.......

Carnalis said...

What beautiful photos. My boys would be so jealous of the snow, if not the climb.