Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In My Secret Life

I have but a moment, the policy that isn’t going to write itself is glaring,full of bale, from the sofa. Well its guidleines are anyway.
But you see, this weekend I have a ticket to see Leonard Cohen in concert at the NEC.


HeulynValaVika said...

You lucky so-and-so you.

Anonymous said...

tbh, nothing else really matters, does it? please report back.

Sally said...


DaveM said...

Have a good time I'm sure you will. Do his songs remind of youthful past times??

Trixie said...

Ooooo, have fun!!!!

Carnalis said...

will you sing along?

have fun!

meredic said...

HeulynValaVika, I are lucky aren't I.

Nothing really matters? Rivergirlie, that reminds me I haven't revealed the time I went to see Queen on fire in these pages yet. You can be sure that I will report back.

I will do my best Sally.

Youthful past, yes just a bit Dave.
Will I sing along.......!

Trixie, I am already having it.

Carnalis, I have been gargling with hot gravel all week to be sure of the right note.

startare said...

Lucky you. And did you wear a famous blue raincoat?

headless chicken said...

Have a ball Meredic! As the saying says, 'dance as if no one were watching and sing as if no one were listening' :)

meredic said...

startare - alas my old blue coat was lost somewhere along the way and I suppose that is for the best.

headless chicken - If you ever see me dance you will know that is the way I am. I dont mind a song now and again as long as it has a good bass register.