Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hair Of The Dog

Asbo is keen to polish his image. As a bit of a hound about town he, like so many, is conscious of the up and coming opportunities to show off dogly physique on the beach.
Like me he is figuring that there are a limited number of days until his summer holiday and the weight loss figures are in fact now stretching along a spectrum ranging through possible, to optimistic, and thence in sight of cloud cuckoo land. I inhabit the latter end of this spectrum and tend to rely on deep breaths and leaning forward slightly as part of my regime.
Asbo however has struck on a novel and possibly unique solution. He has come up with a winning formula that should not only have him in the trim, but may also render him cool for the beach in others ways as well.
His singular take on summer weight loss is to shed hair.
I was cleaning the sitting room at Hallett’s Mountain this very afternoon and can attest to the fact that he is already several pounds lighter.
To give him a further helping paw, and indeed I shall now be constructing his own personal outdoor wooden gymnasium in order that he can maintain his new svelteness.

As you can see he is also busy preparing for Wimbledon.
New balls please!


bittersweet said...

i'm sure Asbo will bowl over the ladies on the beach with his new sleek shape. Might the gym be made 'suitable for all' in size?

HeulynValaVika said...

I had the same problem whilst I was away, with my other-half's dog.

She's a chocolate labrador, called Loki (it's an accurate name, look it up!) and my goodness, I could have made a new rug, if not a new carpet, from the hair she shed!

I made the mistake of hoovering first, then deciding to brush her later in the day. Needless to say, I ended up hoovering twice.



john.g. said...

Hell, Meredic, I had a black Lab, and he permanently moulted. 14 years we had him, his 'hairiness'!

mrs jones said...

i was so fed up with dog hairs and muddy footprints i ripped all my carpets out and replaced them with rugs. a quick shake, sorted.

Anonymous said...