Monday, June 16, 2008

As Midsummer Approaches


I wrote this a few years ago, 2001 I think. And then I lost it….

“I saw the sunrise on midsummers day!!

Well what a glorious morning it was yesterday.
I awoke ( having thus lain) upon a bed of heather and bilberry. High above Penmaenmawr and close by my favorite druids circle. My watch confirms that the hour is 03.40 and at this longitude the sun will rise in about an hour. Already it is light enough to read by. The cup from my flask beside me can now be used for coffee. Last nights whisky seems to have gone the way of all whisky. I shall also chew on one of these chocolate bars. An unusual breakfast.
Some of the other people around have lit a fire and the smoke from the dying embers gives the air a nice tang.
There are five other people inside the circle. Irfon and two from the North of England are finishing off cider and sweet cigarettes. Lain close round the fires remnant they talk with morning murmurs, occasionally laughing loud. A long haired druid from Rachub and his ladyfriend are sheltering under cloaks and stone.
So I sit and await the sunrise with them.
For the first time in twenty years the cloud is broken and Irfon announces the prospect of a fine day ahead. For the next half hour the gods confound him by shuffling the grey bits more evenly and after a while I notice that the whisky has retired him to his tent.
The sky grows lighter and the spread of pink dawn glow becomes more concentrate in an obvious center. The cloud moves back from the sea again and miles away, Oh high above the faint line of the Penines the light grows steady and stronger.
Skylarks have been awake for some time now.
Am I the only one left awake?
Looking around now I can see several people moving. Early morning visitors. Ones who were unable to keep the watch, or too comfortable in their beds last night, are approaching.
Five , maybe six more are coming up the slope to the druids circle. One dark haired girl attracts my eye for longer than the others and I have a fleeting glimpse of our future.
Then like a light turned on its there, a sudden golden splash seen across a hundred miles. Lighting the sky with its aching beauty and for a second stilling us all. The far away hills turn to fire. And as I have waited so long for this my heart soars with the skylarks.
Sarah, wake up, hey John. Good grief Irfon was up all night and now he’s passed out in his tent!
Photographs , as many as I can take.
Then afterwards I look at the dark haired girl again, dream another dream, and go home to a well earned bacon sandwich.”

I am not sure what to think of it now.
A few secretly smiled that they were the dark haired girl.
Including She Of The Town House.

If you click the picture you can find a larger version should you wish. It is the view from my house on the day before midsummers morning (1999 I think).


startare said...

Oh,don't gentlemen prefer blondes?

Lesley said...

Life can only be good when you wake up to a view like that.

Anonymous said...

'A few smiled...'
My gosh you do flatter yourself!

DaveM said...

I love mid summer and always try to do something special on the solstice. This year its doing the Reivers and C2C ride back to back. We're off next Saturday for a week of cycling. What other holiday allows you to eat and drink as much as you want and not put on weight, even loose some.

HeulynValaVika said...

A most beautiful sight.
Wish I could wake up to a view like that.
Lucky man.

meredic said...

startare - I never made any claims to be a gentleman :-)

lesley - Every day of the year

JGFB - I do apologise I had no idea you were one ;-)

davem - a timely reminder of the 'fit for the summer resolutions that I am failing to keep.

Heulynvalavika - If it is any comfort, I do realise how incredibly lucky I am.

john.g. said...

A poet and did'nt know it!

Trixie said...

Now that's a FANTASTIC view!

For some bloody reason my bloglines is playing up and I've just received your posts from June! Here I am thinking you were being verhy quiet!

sablonneuse said...

Beautiful photo - great post!

Sally Lomax said...

I want a view like that!