Saturday, March 29, 2008

Travelling Man

Hallett’s Mountain has been quieter than it ought to have been of late. You are quite right to point it out. Asbo the dog has had complaints from his University of Manchester fan club. Startare has requested more astrophotography. The girl in aisle 13 has been giving me a Paddington Bear look (I know there is nothing unusual there but I am grasping clumsily at straws). Other blogs have been wondering whether their sidebars have one to many links in them, and indeed I have not been the frequenter of others fine words that I have been in the past. In general, the Hallett organ has been dormant….
A couple of days ago though I was reminded of life’s simple pleasures, and their importance, during a delicious walk along the Thames near Lechlade. While a number of things rose during this hour or two of beauty and sunlit reflection; one that I feel safe in revealing in these notes, was that I really ought to have mentioned that I am going to change my job.
You may remember me polishing up my rather odd CV towards the end of last year. To my own surprise (the circumstances were complicated) and great delight, the effort I made was repaid by an interview and subsequently an offer. An offer which I have been very pleased with, and a little humbled by An offer which is also keeping me pretty busy as I have to tidy up one life and begin another.
After almost twenty five year working as a teacher, in the same school throughout, I am taking a new direction. From next September I shall be working in a hospital, still teaching, as I think by now I can admit that I enjoy it, but from then on working with students who are too ill to attend normal classes.
I can’t tell you how genuinely excited by it I am.


Lesley said...

Sounds very exciting indeed.

startare said...

ouf! I was getting a little worried by your silence. Are you going to leave your mountain, then? Hope not, or else I'll have to pop over quickly and check out the hot tub before it's too late.

DaveM said...

That sounds great, are very rewarding, you must tell us more. Will you be based locally or travelling around?

meredic said...

Still based close by my mountain I am pleased to say.

Lesely - it is exciting.

Startare - the hot tub is always open to callers.

Davem - I will have to be a little careful as patient confidentiallity could be an issue but it is a local job within a hospital base.

bittersweet said...

congratulations! I am sure your particular talents will be well employed.

Lovely pic, too - so serene.

Mike said...

I am especially glad to hear you are genuinely excited about the new job.

I was getting slightly worried about you as well, and hope you find what you are looking for in the new job.


buffalodickdy said...

An excellent chance to change, and yet still make a difference! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Lechlade is all right but North wales is better

DL said...

Warmest congrats, Meredic!