Sunday, March 30, 2008

Regular Exercise

Occasional glances down towards the Hallett feet have revealed a disturbing trend. A trend of corporeal increase as it were. The view over the metatarsals can no longer be obtained without a lean over the not so lean. In fact I would go so far as to say the the prospect of the phalanges is disappearing fast. Thus I have resolved resolutely to take more exercise. To this end you may have noticed that earlier in the year my trusty bike was wheeled around a Cotswold circuit. The trouble that was unrevealed at the time was how I felt for a few days afterwards. Reader, I ached!
It seems that after two or three years of neglect the muscles that once propelled me up and down pass and valley were on holiday. Neglect followed by punishment left me with twinges where I was unused to having a twinge.
Of course I realised my mistake. I should have perhaps not been so immediately ambitious. So I have decided to be a little more regular.
So I decided to try the same thing again. Six weeks later I have again set off on a round of the Cotswolds. And do you know what? Exactly the same thing happened. Once again I ache all over from cycling. Apart from a small ache that didn’t come from cycling.
Anyway my point is that this regular exercise thing is all very well. But so far, after two regular sessions the Hallett girth is undiminished. Well I am not one to be easily put off but if the same thing happens in mid May and I am not several kilos more towards the optimum I am going to have to have a radical rethink.

(As you can see the great Moo Moo has once again made itself manifest in a bread related product)


john.g. said...

Keep at it Meredic, it can only do you good! Or f*ck you completely! Be careful!

DaveM said...

The Cotswolds are not the easiest of places to go for a cycle. Our cycle club had a weekend there at the end of Feb. based at Bourton on the Water. Some good rides but they were hard with lots of short sharp steep hills, made harder by the high winds.

With the dieting I suppose sampling Bulmers Pear Cider is now out of the question.

Good luck with the new job, I expect they'll be sorry to loose you from your present school as you've been there a long time.

sablonneuse said...

Oh Meredic you have my sympathy. I have been thinking about dieting for the last few years. i've even made a few half-hearted attempts at starting a serious exercise/eat healthily campaign. Here's hoping you are have more will-power than I have. Best of luck!