Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Season Of Mists

Some days Hallett’s Mountain becomes an island. An Island high above a primeval swamp. A swamp populated with strange monsters. Monsters whose call echoes through the mists of the valley below. Strange crashes and groans as they brush aside the forest.
Then of course the sun comes up and everything gets a little clearer. The mist fades away and reveals the train running deep in the valley. Speedboats preparing for early water skiers glide minuscule but noisy far below. Lorries grumble along the A470 creaking out the turns in the road.
Camp bow wow and the jackhammer roadworks add their own notes to my soundscape.
I sit high on Garvie’s leap and watch the world wake up.


Sally Lomax said...

Brilliantly and beautifully written Meredic.... Are you related to that Dylan Thomas person do you think? I think you must be... So poetic.

headless chicken said...

I agree.......beautiful!

bittersweet me said...

magical, and the photo too.

I used to live somewhere high, with a view of the tops of clouds. I miss it, very much, that sense of space it offers, of miles of billowing whiteness and endless places to run.

sablonneuse said...

Are you always up and about before dawn? Have to agree with Sally and HC. Absolutely beautiful.

john.g. said...

Good writing Meredic!

DaveM said...

It's a wonderful feeling to be just above the clouds. It is primeval.

buffalodickdy said...

Even blown up, the photo almost appeared to be a seascape!

Lori said...

The photo is otherworldly! I love that misty view. It must be something to see it in person.

Stephanie, Single and Blogging said...

Oh my god that picture is breathtaking!

meredic said...

Sally – please spare the poor fellow. And my blushes.

headless chicken – you too!

bittersweet me – yes I like the way the cloud layer separates my place from the real world. Escapism I guess..

sablonneuse – I do enjoy seeing the sun rise along my horizon so yes.. I am often up before dawn.

john.g. – thank you

davem – very much so. It gives a sense of a world before people.

buffalodickdy – the sea here is a mile or so wide and stretches back at least ten. The furthest mountains in this picture are about 30 miles from where I live.

lori – well there are plenty of spare rooms on the mountain.

Stephanie – thank you