Monday, July 02, 2007

Rites Of Passage

I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll. In fact that’s probably when she first stuck in my mind. Having waded my way through a pile of the much hated maths homework it was time to name and shame. Eventually it was her turn.
“….and what about yours then?”
Not bad for an eleven year old. I couldn’t fault that one. Original and interesting reasons are let off. If I have heard the excuse before, then it’s tough luck Sherezada. I have had my fill of left it on the bus, dog ate it, brother was sick in the bag and my mum had to burn the book. Give me one of those, and its out with the detention slip…..
*OI! Hang on a minute, I don’t want any of the older readers drifting off into a ‘those were the days fantasy…or worse..Settle down there.*
That was all quite a long time ago. In later years she used to phone me up from Glastonbury just to taunt me. I got my own back in 2005 though.
The thing is, this Saturday gone, She Of The Town House and I were guests at her wedding to a young man who I am reliably informed is a pretty good chef.
And a bloody good do it was too.
Hey Mike, Guess where they are spending their honeymoon?

And that was all I meant to write about. Fleshing it out with another tale or two of course, but something else has pleasantly sidetracked me.

You know, when I graduated we all went up to the board to see who had passed. I didn’t realise until that very moment that there were different classes of degree. I couldn’t understand why my mate Clive was fed up because he had passed. I still think he was a bit precious about it mind. There were quite a few that didn’t. I had to go to my tutor to get and explanation of what my qualification meant. He couldn’t believe that anyone could be so naive but the truth was no one had ever told me. I was the only person in my immediate family that had ever got a degree. I got what I subsequently came to know as a “Desmond”.
Today my own daughter cleared her hurdle and is now the proud clutcher of her own degree that isn’t an ‘ology. I am so proud of her I could spit.
I hope she finds it easier to get a job than I did!


headless chicken said...

Congratulations to your clever people!!:)

meredic said...

She is clever hc, I am just so stubborn tha the couldnt get rid of me.

Sally Lomax said...

Well done her! I didn't know that that class of degree was called a Desmond.... Assuming that we are thinking of the same Desmond that's the sort that I got too.

You learn something new every day as they say....

meredic said...

sally - also known as the 'drinking mans degree'
Mind you I had too many drugs to remember drinking a lot.....

Mike said...

A perfect place for a honeymoon, and one hopes it shouldn't matter if it rains continuously and the driveway gets washed away...... might matter to you though! Isn't it a bit close to home for them though?
It would be nice to imagine that they might be back in twenty years time.

meredic said...

mike - They are both from this area yes but a far more urban part. While the Tegan is an ex student of mine (now a good friend) the both live in a one bed flat in Liverpool. By an amazing coincidence we have found out that Adams great grandmother lived here about sixty years ago.
Rain? Has it been raining in England then? Dear me...

Debs said...

WOOOO HOOOOO for your daughter!! :)

Mike said...

Do you mean Adam's great grandmother lived actually at your cottage, or just nearby?

Despite what you may have been led to believe, it hasn't rained that much down here in the South East. Rain, yes, but extreme, no. Nothing like Sept 2000, and no flooding AFAIK.
BTW what does tegan mean.
You wrote:
the Tegan is an ex student of mine

Anonymous said...

I have only just stumbled upon this Mered, Very sweet indeed. Mike, Tegan is my name (I am the Bride) he calls me the Tegan in a kind of nice pet name way-I hope anyway :/ And yes Adams Great Grandmother was actually bought up on the farm where Mered now resides-a small world eh?