Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ordinary Life 3

In 1970 I went to secondary school. Again a step into a larger world. Because of the system I was now mixed with students from a wide area of North East Bristol. Five miles and two buses from my village home, I was exposed to wonders new and little understood.
To go back a little, my upbringing wasn’t sheltered; at least I don’t think it was, but the opportunity for certain experiences were limited by its rural remoteness. Not everybody had a car in the sixties. There were only four telephones in the village, ours being the phone box along the road. Going to school on the outskirts of a city of millions was big! Suddenly there were other kids that could do maths.
I think I rose to it, although I floundered in sport, the only one I did well in was the high jump, but then you might expect that of an eleven year old who was narrowing his gap with being six feet tall. Physically I was poorly coordinated. Academically I was firmly B stream. Except in science and maths where I found it simple to excel. I was fascinated by languages eventually taking Latin to improve my prospects! Along the way though I was lazy. I couldn’t get of my arse to have a passion for geography, the history I was taught seemed dry despite the efforts of castle builders. It took me many years to come back to these with interest. Perhaps my greatest surprise to myself was learning French and some of the knock on effects that this had.

I was still felt very shy around girls. Looking back now I can see that there were plenty that were interested. Most of them couldn’t wait long enough for the penny to drop though. The prospects for a teenage fumble at the glamrock discos of the early seventies were grabbed by bolder souls than I, and so for most of the first four years, girls remained an exotic mystery.
1975 saw an end to all that.

Pardon? Oh yes, Top far left.


sablonneuse said...

Another great episode. But I'm looking forward to reading what you got up to in 1975.

buffalodickdy said...

It appears fashions were the same over there as they were here that year!

john.g. said...

Looks like my old school photo from 1976!! Yes, i'm younger yhan you.

Rosy said...

yeah it be interesting to know the rest of the story from 1975 on.

I remember those days where us girls had to wear dresses to school until 1970 if I remember correctly.

Fi said...

Love it :) Is that really you? You look very glam.

It's a Fordson Major circa 1957. I hope that menas something to you. You have a hidden passion for tractors it would appear?

blooming desertpea said...

Hi, I just popped around from wendz blog ... ahhh, you brought me back to the black and white era. And wow, I wouldn't have remembered that long hair was in for boys at that time ... oh yes, I'll be back for the sequel, if I may ...

DaveM said...

I am very impressed with the hairstyle. Cant wait for the post 75 episodes.

Sally Lomax said...

Great post Meredic. Love the hair. It's actually very similar to Headless Chicken's eldest son's hair!!

me said...

i come here for peace and a gentle reminder of the important things in life. As charming as ever, thank you.

I have some long photos in B&W too (and we had to wear gloves and hats)

meredic said...

sabloneuse - thank you. Just trying to work out how much is safe to say!

buffalodickdy - do I hear a fellow victim?

john.g. - now that was a hot summer!

rosy - it still hasn't finished here in the UK. Most schools have a uniform still.

fi - yes that was me. And that hair got worse over the next two years.
A passion for tractors... good lord no, that would be wierd. Red Massey Fergusons.... *whimper*... nothing odd about that!

blooming desertpea - wow what a name! Welcome. I look forward to reading you in return.

davem - works in progress. I am having to sift the memory quite hard for some bits.

sally - you know when I saw his photo I thought it was me for a minute!

me - peace and a gentle reminder! When I am tearing my soul up in front of millio.... oooh tens of people. This isn't The Archers you know this is real life!

And um I have a confesion for anyone who reads this guff. I think I am a year out of step. Looking at the old albums I seem to have misplaced 1974... Oh well whats a year.