Monday, July 30, 2007

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

“You utter woodlouse!”
Blind Pugh doesn’t say much, but when he does its usually important.
“I’m sorry old boy”
“You heard, I called you a woodlouse.”
I decide that I had better listen to what he has to say and try and placate him.
“What seems to be the problem my dear fellow?”
“And you can stop all that ‘dear fellow’ Wind in the Willows crap.”
He is more annoyed than usual, something has clearly riled him.
“You know damn well what the problem is. The only warm sunny day in the whole of July so far and you have to go and mow the bloody grass.”
“Errm I am sorry,” I stumble by way of an apology, “its just that the summer visitors will be here soon and I haven’t …
“Spare me your pathetic excuse me. I am pawing a letter to my solictitor. And if you come one blade of grass closer to this apple tree I am going to ring ‘DogLine’.”
I expect he will get over it by tea time. His bark is usually worse than his bite.


DaveM said...

With a name like Asbo I would have thought his bite is worse than his bark.

me said...

i agree! don't waste a moment of the sunshine .. lie out and watch those harmless fluffy clouds and sleeeeeeeeepppp

headless chicken said...

Mmmmm....the smell of mown grass in the sunshine....does this mean it's summer at last?

buffalodickdy said...

My neighbor waits until dark or the Sunday noon meal.....

john.g. said...

Get it mown whilst you can, but pick the sh*t up first...hell of a mess!

headless chicken said...

Tsk John, you've gone and spoilt it for me now! Bloody dogs, filthy animals!!!

headless chicken said...

Btw Meredic, like Sally I have made you and John honorary girls too. Have a quick look at my blog but please don't get a complex. I think John may be!:)

DaveM said...

Meredic, The Taf Embankment food market is opposite the mMillenium Stadium. Get to Cardiff Central station and head towards the stadium then the river and its right there by the bridge. Its open from 10.00 to 14.00. Save yourselve for the Indian breakfast.

DaveM said...

Speilign has all gorn rong.

Rosy said...

Been a long time since I smell any freshly mowed grass, mostly just smell wet concert after someone had water their potted plants.

Next time let the dog mow the lawn. lol

sablonneuse said...

Mowed our grass yesterday and found that the last person who did it had cut through the hosepipe for watering the veg patch!!!

john.g. said...

Meredic, excuse me for this. HC, dogs rock!! That is all.

meredic said...

davem – Ah yes but you see it was blind Pugh that was sleeping under the apple tree. Asbo can’t be trusted near the mower since he chewed through the power cable on the strimmer.

me – sleep! SLEEP!! Sleep is for wimps

headless chicken – I enjoyed a fine summer back in April and May. Too bloomin hot for me the last couple of days.

john.g. – I have a small plastic beach shovel and a robust flick of the wrist. I wiz it over the wall into the sheep field. Extra points if I hit one.

headless chicken – I appreciate what you are saying but think of a dogs point of view! I often wonder what they must make of out habits. Go into a small room inside the house and…. well I think you know where I am going. The dog must be there thinking ‘bloody hell at least I go outside’ (unlike that Sally’s cat……Euuuw!!).

and as for being an honorary girl. I am still going to have to insist that the seat is left up.

davem – I may even make it this Sunday! Thanks.

rosy – I can send you a small bag of fresh grass if you like. The customs declaration form would have to be carefully worded of course!

sablonneuse – come on now, none of this ‘last person’ stuff. Point the finger properly 

john.g. – Hey chat amongst yourselves! After all I was having an imaginary conversation with the dog…..

That’s it I am off to the pub!