Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leave And Let Diet

Around the turn of the year She Of The Townhouse decided that it was time something was done.
Asbo, The Boy, and I, invariably plan and execute swift egress when this happens. Of course the Axeman has departed stage left and is now hiding out in the city of light. The rest of us, we return after the pubs have opened. Usually the whole thing has blown over. And although I digress, in some cases ‘blown over’ is the literal fate. There was that memorable incident with the gazebo on a windy October day…… Still, I can’t use up all my stories in one post so….
The thing is This time it has gone on a bit longer than usual. Two months, twenty one days and a few hours longer than usual in fact. And I tell you that Rosemary Canary woman has a lot to answer for.
We have to wait until she goes off to Capital City if we are even so much as to get a whiff of a fry up now.
Let alone a chip.
Times are lean people….times are very lean indeed.


Vi said...

She of the town house doesn't have you doing the exercises as well does she? I bet she doesn't so count your blessings!

meredic said...

Harumph... I do go to the gym you know!

john.g. said...

Man cannot live on lettuce alone!