Saturday, January 17, 2009


I don’t know quite what it is but suddenly this week I have become conscious of the fact that I am chasing down fifty, the wrong side of 1000N in weight and pretty unfit unless you count the ability to shuffle.
After passing out in front of the TV twice I made a decisive decision! Something had to change. I have never been a fan of the pointless run but…..
“I just want a pair of running shoes”, I smiled at the girl in the shop. “No brand names mind, I expect this to be a fad that lasts for about a fortnight”.
After rebuffing her attempt to flog me a pair of impact resistant socks I fled before anyone I used to teach recognised my rotundity.
Tonight it’s different.
Instead of passing out in front of the TV you know what I did?
Passed out in front of the TV and a pair of new running shoes.
Today my medium length dog walk took 37 minutes.


Carnalis said...


wake up!!

Mike said...

The wrong side of 1000N? Surely not. Must be something wrong with your scales.

Decided how best to celebrate a half century yet?

I reckon I'll have a huge barbecue & invite everybody I know, and then perhaps a trip to some far off pointy mountain that I wouldn't otherwise get around to.


Sally said...

You can wear your running shoes for walking the dog. You made me laugh though!!!

john.g. said...

Running will knacker your joints. Keep walking, but increase the walk length.

Trixie said...

Must have a been a really boring film on the TV then!