Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have zipped down to Bath this weekend to visit my grandmother. She is a remarkably robust character for a woman just a week over 97 years old. Although she sometimes cant remember quite why she stood up and walked across the room (it was to get a vase for some flowers), she has a good recall of most of the last century.
Conversation is a little odd as you can never be quite sure that she has heard you unless you really shout. She still has a most of her own teeth and can whup pretty nearly anyone at scrabble if she can concentrate for long enough.
It is best to visit her in the morning as she sleeps a lot more in the afternoon and she still like to be taken out for a meal, especially a chinese where her favourite is chicken and sweetcorn soup followed by chicken and cashew nuts.
We used to joke about her hundredth birthday but you know...the way she is going she may just make it.
All my grandparents have lived in to thier nineties. I wonder if I will be as good as she is should I ever get there.


DaveM said...

A grand lady. I [think] I can see the family resemblance.

john.g. said...

She looks a fiesty sort!

startare said...

As usual, Google Adsense adds sense: 100s beautiful ladies, they say. Well here is a beautiful lady who's almost in her 100's. Nice photo, and pretty sweater too.

Trixie said...

Hey...I walk halfway across the loungeroom and forget what I'm going for and I'm less than half her age!

I reckon she'll make 100!

My grandfather is still alive at 104. You and I are gonna live forever!

Carnalis said...

Chicken and sweetcorn soup might be the secret ingredient. Sup up, and i am sure you will get there too.

A lovely photo.