Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I couldnt lay my hands on a suitable photo so here is an old relic from about 1975
Greetings fellow denizens (denizens? Ah well Microsoft seems to have heard of it) of the interweb. I are back.
After my extended and rather damp summer break I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges of what for me represents the new year. As a teacher I regard the onset of September as the start of my cycle through the seasons.
Before that though there are a few challenges to be mopped up along with the August monsoon.
The secret vegetable garden has Pigmies stalking game. The artichokes loom over the whole like razor fanged triffids. Caterpillars will need chemical warfare. She of the townhouse is looking up pickle recipes.
My junk room needs dejunking. Thinks have got to the stage where I need to have a large throw away bonfire on which the top spot will go to the vanities of last years clothing. Some of it last decades indeed. And really I am never going to fit in to ‘those jeans’ again ladies. Honestly I am not, and if I ever show signs that I might wel hell, I will buy a new pair.
Ah yes, then there is the mystery of the medium sized saucepan. If it doesn’t manifest soon I shall be calling upon Ramsay of the yard.
And I need a new school uniform.
The car needs to be certified.
And the Doctor has asked me to help transplant a donated organ.
Then next week I start my first new job in a quarter of a century.
Bloomin heck I don’t know what on earth I am doing talking to you lot!
Must fly, fish to fry…..


john.g. said...

Very 'cool' Meredic! Nice hair, and sandals!

Mike said...

Your blog comments seem as cryptic as ever. Pigmies in the veg? Transplanting an organ?

Nice to see you the other day, sorry it wasn't for more than just a quick cuppa. I hope we can manage a gap of less than 2.5 years before we meet up again.

Good luck with the new job!


startare said...

Nice to find you back. Can't wait to read about the new hospital job.

DaveM said...

Do those sandals still fit???

sablonneuse said...

New term, new school! Best of luck. OOOh it's lovely being retired. . . . . .

RAT GiRL! said...

Giggle is a tart over at my place!
Ya might wanna bring a bucket because you'll probably puke!!!

headless chicken said...

Great pic Meredic! I had sandals very similar to those....I'll bet they're fashionable again by now just like the good old bell-bottom jeans!
Look forward to hearing about your new job, hope all goes well. x