Thursday, May 15, 2008

Salad Days

Its that time of year again. Earlier in the week Axeman, The Boy, and I were alarmed. Smoke alarmed in fact. She Of The Townhouse had broken in to the fridge and was cooking salad again. Its an annual ritual sparked off, as always, by the warm weather.
She starts off with the shorts and the T-shirt on the first really warm sunny weekend of the year but by tea time has become a little black cloud with an enormous bum.
Now I think her bum is very nice indeed, but my perspective is usually perceived wrong in these matters. For a week or two now its going to be nothing but lettuce and lean grilled meat. No dumplings in a hearty stew, no cakes, no soup with a generous dob of cream. Pork with salty crackling? Forget it. Chips?? Off limits. And a cold beer after work…….
People please. Send us a pie will you? But not a word to whassname.


startare said...

If you find a means of getting a woman to really believe you when you say (or write) that you think "her bum is very nice indeed",and not as enormous as she thinks it is, put a patent on it and your fortune's made.

Vi said...


No beer????

That's what summer is all about!!!

That was you can drink beer and not put on weight, cause your not eating all the fatty stuff!!!!

john.g. said...

Tragic! Can't beat a good BBQ, and beer!

sablonneuse said...

Don't worry, the weather is bound to change to wet and stormy (like it has here) and she'll be cooking all your favourite Winter warming food again.

meredic said...

Sandy no! It is I that usually does the cooking. She Of The Townhouse has far more important fish to fry....well grill in her case of course. The trouble arises when she actually gets to the fridge and finds an uncooked lettuce.

bittersweet said...

I have a lovely recipe for peas and bacon cooked with lettuce.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

salads...salads...I love salads. I could eat soups and salads everyday...But babes, NO BEER!

Ask to meet half way. hehehe. If you give up the pies...for beer. Yes?

ciao babes.

Rosy said...

Well if you can't have beer then perhaps you can have what we call here in America is Near-Beer instead.

I could scoop up some home grown squash for a sweet tootin squash pie then toss it your way across the vast blue wonders of the open sea in hopes it will land right onto your front door step in one whole piece. :)

Anonymous said...

What are you complaining about ? The Rock God has to be vegan, he hasn't seen a meat pie in years .....or at least thats what he tells me .