Monday, September 17, 2007

Hymns and Aliums

Well there you go!

Meanwhile up at the old church this weekend, a widespread community came together to celebrate the harvest.
Although not a regular God botherer I do take an interest in the services that happen just a few fields from my house.
I hold the key to the church and sweep and polish it when occasion arises.
I was wryly amused by the three separate decorations that were going on around me.
You see someone had got in early with a few impressive cut flower displays. Prime spots it seems had been gazumped.
The latecomers came in scratching their heads and puzzling as to who could have done this as I swept the floor.
Later in the day, while I was grovelling around in a ditch (the reason for which will remain obscure) a third group turned up.
After a while I began to feel like I was living in the middle of an episode of The Archers.
Still, on the day all went well. We sang Bread Of Heaven twice with enough gusto to rattle the windows and sins confessed were forgiven.


sablonneuse said...

Harvest Festival was one of the few times when the church was full where I lived.
My husband was the organist but I used to help out (no pedals) when necessary.
One Harvest we arrived; he perused the hymn list, didn't like it, walked out - and left me to it.

DaveM said...

I loved the Harvest Festivals that we used to have to go to when I was in school. All the veg piled high. I just hoped that whoever had them. managed to eat the swedes without suffering the consequences.

Fi said...

I haven't been to a harvest festival since I was ten as I don't like to bother god too much either.

Thanks for saying I don't like a man. I don't look feminine but then how important is that.

I didn't see the problem with the last both either btw, just to confuse this comment completely.

Enough said, like the window pic :) Keep polishing.

Fi said...

That was meant the say 'the last post'. Sorry. Fingers working before mind and all that.

Sally Lomax said...

I like Harvest Festivalsa and I love the smell of Churches.

buffalodickdy said...

Sometimes religon is replaced by tradition. We may not believe, but still honour and respect the tradition, and the people who do believe...

meredic said...

sablonneuse - Yes, funny how it brings people up here thatr never come at any other time of year.

davem - there was a big pile of veg. I dont think the swede lovers would have gone home dissapointed.

fi - you are welcome.
And I think I understand.

sally - yours smells damp and sheepy I presume?

buffalodickdy - wise words as always. The visitors book shows that the church is a great source of comfort to troubled souls; for that alone I am glad to help keep it open.