Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dark Arts 2

Last night, She Of The Town House, The Boy, Asbo and I lit out at sunset for a nearby island. Well strictly speaking an Isthmus I guess but for two or three days a year it is an island. Ynys Llanddwyn sits on the west end of one of the worlds special places. It keeps secrets old and new and has several summer beaches that are undiscovered by the madding crowd. I was on the hunt for some photos of the sunset around the ruins of an old church. The others were seriously in to picnicking.
A few years ago I was enchanted by the work of an astrophotographer called Mark Gaston. He works in the west of England and has some stunning pictures on view here.
I have always felt that North Wales has some potential for similar enterprise.
The photo above is of the familiar asterism the Plough, or Big Dipper if you prefer, the derelict church window is illuminated by moonlight. The orange wisps of cloud are actually sodium light pollution reflected from Holyhead.
It’s a start.


startare said...

W-O-W! Makes North wales look like paradise. Well, maybe it is, paradise under the stars.
I'll use your photo as my wallpaper, if you don't mind

DL said...

More than just a start. I say it's pretty impressive.

Taken with your trusty phone, or with something a bit more sophisticated on this occasion?

Best wishes,

Mike said...

It really is a beautiful place. Of course I have been lucky enough to only be there in good weather. I imagine it could be quite bracing a lot of the time.
I like to romantically think of it as an island all year round.

I tried to capture the moon from the ruins there when we visited last year. Didn't work out, but I didn't persevere for long. A tripod would probably make it easier too.

Once again apologies for not meeting up with you in Dorset. We are going down next weekend as it happens.

BTW is that the right spelling for the island?


buffalodickdy said...

Really well done! A unique, meaningful photo.

Sally Lomax said...

What an amazing picture! You have a real talent. Send it to the editor of your local paper!

sablonneuse said...

That's a really impressive photo. Hope you'e going to post some more now that you seem to have got the urge.

Lori said...

Such an interesting shot with the rosy sky and the stars above. I like how you've framed it in the church window. Lovely! You'll have to show us more shots from this place.

DaveM said...

Its a good shot, I like it. Its usually one of the first constellations you learn to identify and it tends to stay with you.

Sparkle Plenty said...

This photo makes me feel like I'm standing there, gazing up at the night sky. You've framed the shot so beautifully.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and please do pop in again some time. I'd like to add you to my list of links--just let me know if that's not okay! Cheers, Sparkle

Stephanie said...

When I visited Europe, I only went to England and Paris...I guess I missed out on a lot of beautiful areas.

meredic said...

Startare – North Wales is spectacular, especially in the spring. In April and May you can walk on the beach in the hot sun and see snow on the mountains. And it has a powerful light.

Dl – indeed a Cannon EOS 400D. I placed a couple more of the pictures I took that night here. I think there is a link on the right that gives technical data.

Mike – how nice to see you. The trouble with taking a photo of the moon is that it is really very bright. To get the exposure right on a building and the moon you have quite a short time window just after sunset.
Once again you draw shame to my spelling! This looks like a vendetta ;-). I shall correct away…

Buffalodickdy – what can I say but thank you.

Sally – I have fallen foul of publicity too many times in my local paper…. I might send it to Astronomy Now, though they usually look for ‘technical’ rather than ‘arty’.

Sablonneuse - a few more here if you like. Thank you as well.

Lori – always flattering to hear praise from a talented photographer like you. Link above.

DaveM - again I blush to offer my humble snaps against your talent. Thanks. I like Orion myself as well though this means three or four in the morning at present….

Sparkle Plenty – Welcome. I am flattered that you should do so and will return the compliment. Thanks.

Stephanie – England?? Ah yes! That little sovereign democracy to the east of Wales. Wales is a rich tapestry indeed and an ancient landscape…. But more of this later.

Rosy said...

Looks huanting and enchanting at the same time, great photo shot!