Sunday, March 13, 2011

Modern Languages

So yesterday morning I hot hoofed it off up the valley, being careful to budget time enough for breakfast in everyone’s favourite superstore.

My writing tutor summoned me during the week. The class that I had enjoyed towards the end of last year starts again on Saturday. Same time. Same pack drill.
I found it fun and very useful last time.
The discipline of sitting for three hours and having to produce and read work. It helps.
I remember an old friend, alas long passed, a writer himself. He maintained that part of the discipline was to practice to sit and write, regardless of what came out. Eventually something worthwhile would arise.

As well as the special low cal low cholesterol mega special with extra fried bread and two bacon I decided to purchase a new writing book.
She Of The Townhouse has been tidying up back at the ranch. A necessary evil. I don’t like having to ask where my stuff is though. So when she tidies up I lose things.
My old writing book is vanished I know not where.

I was amused to see that one book they had was a little black one. It tipped my decision. Although it only has about eighty pages it might be of use if the other one mysteriously turns up.

So clutching my canvas, I headed off to Aisle 13. My usual paystop. It’s the girl there you see. She never says much but A fellow can tell. She goes a funny red colour from the neck up. You can see a pulse in her temple and she has a hard job with simple words….you know its funny. Now that I think, I wonder whether she may not have had her shift changed. I haven’t caught her lately.

So they body swerved me to the scan it yourself co we cant be arsed section.
“Please select your language”
Now it had never barked that at me in any previous incarnation so I decided to be bold. Ever eager to increase my knowledge of household products in the foreign I asked it…

“please could we converse in Serbo Croat?”

And a kind hearted sole in a uniform kindly tapped the English option for me as opposed to the Welsh one.

Later I was bemused. As I scanned the advice on my purchase I noted the following.

“Poznamkovy blok A5 spiralovy 80 listov – linajkovy”

Not a dickie bird yn Cymraeg……

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Anonymous said...

When will you get the hang of this tidying up? It is obviously in the basket!!!
She of the T H :-)