Friday, December 31, 2010


This week I have been ill advised in my activities. I look forward to the new year in the hope of better.
There has been the ongoing saga of my dongle.
Living conveniently far from the madding crowd I have been pleased over the last three years to rely on one of these to get a broadband connection. At first regarding this as an inconvenience I have come to appreciate that the early example of the genre has served me well.
Sitting in my favourite chair, in the garden or even in the foreign; I have been able to do all the interwebby things that a man could want.
And before you porn addicts smirk I would like you reflect that I am a contributor to the medium. My idle chatter has been visited, according to the great Google themselves, on over thirty thousand occasions. Admittedly over twenty nine thousand are down to a loyal friend in the west midlands but….
Anyway the point I ramble towards is that in the last ten days my trusty dongle has given up its ghost.
Children down at the Vodanet2 shop have tried to replace it and I am now on the third substitute and am quit irritated. Not least through having to stand in the shop while they talk to a grown up at the other end of a help line after having taken my valuable time to confirm my assertion that the previous replacement was not working either.
I have gone through two white dongles and am now on the black dongle.
Even this isn’t as good as the old one.

Add to this the fact that the plumbing child in Bodge it and Quit seems to have a comprehensive ignorance of the products on sale in the store when I am trying to purchase fittings to install a heating system worthy of Heath Robinson here on the mountain.

If the new year doesn’t get a grip I am going to be Mr Grumpy.
Still. I have been able to purchase a few fireworks from under the counter from a man in Bilston. It promises to start with a bang for all of you who care to look up.

Francine, Rich, Lou, Janet, Ginevra, Karen, Sally, Robin, Jo, Sandy, Sarah, Claire of course, Jane, Ian, Craig, Dave, Mike and Jo, Gideon, Jim, Lara, Kate, Mark……lurkers. Look I know there are loads of you.

Happy new year all from Hallett’s Mountain.
Don’t be strangers.
Come and see me in the soon before I visit you!


sablonneuse said...

Happy New Year Meredic. I've no idea what you were talking about in most of this post but keep up the good work! x x

Craig Rockfield said...

Happy New Year Meredic! to you and all the family. Have some good adventures over 2011.

Leah said...

I do hope the new year improves for you! It sounds quite the disaster so far!