Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Hunter

I am always pleased to see Orion standing on the horizon at this time of year. Often thought as a winter constellation because that is when most people see him in the evening,
If you get up at around 4 o'clock you can see him now.
As I don't expect many of you will join me I offer you this mornings view rising outside my front door in the east.

If you believe in your own versions of The Great Moo Moo please spare a little prayer for the spirit of my grandmother who passed by this afternoon at the tremendous age of 98 and 3/4.

Goodnight Gar.

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sablonneuse said...

Oh that reminds me of when I was teaching and the head walked in. He started talking about constellations and I said you could see Orion at that time.
"Oh which direction is that?" he asked me.
"Well, I usually look up" was my response.