Thursday, June 03, 2010

Basket Case

I think I did mention it the other day. You remember. The other weekend when it was sunny. She Of The Townhouse and her enthusiasms.
I don’t know what its all about. Perhaps its a time of life thing …. All I know is that it started with an ill advised nod of the Hallett barnet and now there are bloomin baskets everywhere. They confuse me and they confuse the dog as well.
In a moment of weakness I agreed that she could tidy up the bathroom. Now you must understand from the outset that it wasn’t untidy in the first place, but there were aspects that offended the Townhouse eye. Suited me quite well for many years you know, but not entirely to the feminine taste.
Stuff on the shelf rather than squirreled away, perhaps in the airing cupboard, the odd cobweb ( these are both decoratively interesting and functional in my opinion…) and a gentleman’s preference for the seat up of course.
So there I was the next day, bemused that the spider was not in his usual lair and wondering why the gleaming porcelain of the Armatige Shanks wore a wooden cover. And all of a sudden I spotted wicker work where my knick knacks ought to lie.
Not just one basket mind you but five!
Not a clue as to what lay within any of them. The chin lowered itself in a posture of dumbfound. After a short period of distraction I noted a warm dampness around the sock area.
Every thing has been arranged and I cant find a damn thing!


Rich said...

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.

meredic said...

Where are you getting all these quotes Rich?

Heulyn said...

Well, that particular one is from Winne-the-Pooh!

I've just re-arranged our bathroom, oddly enough... I'm sure my other half is sharing your despair :]

Rich said...

It's a fact that a Woman was never sent to the Moon..probably because it didn't need cleaning..!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I very rarely do the cleaning - I just do the creative stuff.Much more fun. And just to put the record straight, I DID hang little slate labels on the baskets so that one could find any necessary item, marked as follows:-

Missing Stuff
Lucky dip

All done bilingually of course.


Leah said...

Doesn't "Ar Goll" mean "Open"?
Very clever idea, though, Ms SheOfTheTownHouse!

The Blonde said...

I seem to remember that bilingual meant only in one language....... and that wasn't one familiar to me so each wicker casket had to be Ar Goll'd in search ot the tp. what fun though!