Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The food and the company shared on Hallett’s Mountain this weekend were second to none. A party started on Friday evening and finished two days later, most of it under sunshine or moonshine. She Of The Townhouse contrived so many surprises.
There was live music, fireworks, bonfires, a drum and bass tent, a camping ground, cake and bottles of champagne, as well as most of a cow and a pig.
Tunes resounded off Garvie's Leap until we were finally sung to sleep for a couple of hours and then we got up and did it some more.
My sisters shared a drive up the Offa’s Dyke. My little brother blew bubbles in the garden. My uncle gave me a penknife.
The great Moo Moo looked down and smiled.


john.g. said...

Sounds excellent! Cheers!

DaveM said...

Pleased you had a good time and the weather gods were good.