Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seeing Red

We Saw red a lot round here today.
I was up at 5 to catch the sunrise.

Oh all right I confess, I was up at four and enjoyed the sunrise when it caught up with me.

The Redstart is nesting in my barn wall. A cheery summer resident who clears tha caterpillars from my vegetables and th ebeetles from the fruit trees.

JJ found a red bucket and lost no time getting stuck in. He will thank me for the pictures when he is eighteen.

A Red Kite soared overhead. That was rather special.

It was OK ...if you like that sort of thing



Lesley said...

Wonderful - in a reddish sort of way.

fruitbat said...

I have rather red sunburn!!

DaveM said...

Red Kites and a redstart, fantastic.

john.g. said...

We have Red Kites around here now!