Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Plot Thickens

“We need raised beds!”
I know better than to even raise an eyebrow when She Of The Townhouse is in such a dangerous frame of mind and so I continue to feign slumber. Even so a small part of me wonders what is wrong with the trusty old “Sleepmaster Deluxe”. I mean it has seen its share of adventure, may even bow in the middle slightly, but I can’t really see how more room underneath will help.
By the end of the day though things are clearer. Hallett’s Mountain is overwhelmed by every gardening book in the library and several from the junk shop. She is anxious to follow the Zeitgeist.
Its all about vegetables you see.
There has been a rash of feed yourself programs on the television and it seems that Hallett’s Mountain is about to join the ratings. Now these programs are all very well but between you and I there always seems to be a frame or two missing from the tale. The learned son of the soil decides on a succulent crop and bingo. Five minutes later full growth is achieved and everyone is feasting with friends. I just sense that somewhere in the background there is hard work being done over a medium to long term period.
I have looked at the unpromising patch of grassland in Cae Dan Ty that she has in mind and I can feel blisters rising sympathetically on the old palms.
And then you know what happened? You could have felled me with a brassica I can tell you. Groaning up the hill laden with soil, wood and men meaning business come She Of The Townhouse ‘s personal ‘Groundforce’ team.
In the space of two days an indetermined sum of money and half a dozen determined stout fellows have transformed an unpromising prospect in to a freshly minted (I have warned her about how fast the damn stuff spreads) fruit and veg garden.
I tell you, the girl in Aisle 13 is in for a nasty shock. Canned dogfood and beer next week and that’s her lot…….


startare said...

If you have mint, what else can you want?

Mike said...

Re. last two posts:
Have you found the muse again?

Nice to see you writing again.

(Shouldn't that have been Dr Seuss? Never quite got comfortable with that cat myself.)


meredic said...

startare - I do agree with you. Mint has been far to underused in this country. At its worst boiled with new potatoes.....

Mike - indeed I apologise to the good Doctor. As for a muse. The problem really comes down to time. New job etc
I find myself doing other stuff when I am free now I guess.

Mike said...

You wrote: "I find myself doing other stuff when I am free now I guess."

Cherchez la femme? If your posts are to be believed, SOTTH keeps you pretty busy with all sorts of adventurous schemes.


Mike said...

BTW, is that your field? Cae Dan Ty?

Is it time for an up-to-date photo yet?


meredic said...

Mike you are right the new veg plot is in Cae Dan Ty.
I shall put a photo or two in the flickr gadget soon.

Anonymous said...