Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Somewhere down below the seventh circle of hell there is a special spot with a name on it. A name I know not in its entirety but the little badge behind which the shiny happy face smiled out at me proclaimed that in began with ….. ah but care ….if he reads this he may go into a religious order and atone. I wouldn’t want him to get away with it.
You see my phone was playing up. I took it along to the smiley happy phone shop assuming that the children that worked there might have some crumb to offer that would have escaped some duffer like me.
After a slight pause for tooth sucking as he had seldom seen such a model as mine outside a museum the scamp pronounced that he would back up my phone, and give me a new memory card which we could unload everything on to and it would then be as right as ever such an antique could be at the cutting edge of the end of the noughties.
He then proceeded to loose my phone contacts.
I didn’t hit him.
Now I am not such a fool that I cant see this sort of thing coming entirely. I do back my phone up to the interwebby thing from time to time. The trouble was that he lost the settings for this as well.
I didn’t hit him.
I am now trying to download a csv file that I can blue tooth to a second pooter and then restore via outlook excressence.
So if you havent heard from me before Christmas......
I may have to go back and hit him.


headless chicken said...

Though I'm sorry it was at your expense, you have have made me laugh on what is a very cold,dull day! Thanks Meredic.:)

Trixie said...

I would have ripped his balls of with my teeth!!!!

Wait...maybe not..he may have liked that.

Mike said...

I am very un-trusting of such technologies.
One of the first things I did when I got my K750 was to get my contacts safely into Outlook and then print them out on a piece of that ancient parchment-like stuff they used to call "paper". I can even still find the evidence!

I also have a USB cable to link the phone to the PC without the use of Marconi's invention.

Sony's software for making the connection is horrible though. It behaves as if it is the only reason I would ever have a PC, but at least it did eventually do what I wanted.

Have a good christmas!


sablonneuse said...

Back-up? csv file? and you say your phone is old! Mine must be decidedly ancient then.
Anyway, by the sound of it, I hope you did go back and hit him - but only when there weren't any witnesses and provided he doesn't know where you live . . . .

buffalodick said...

Read what my wife just did to my cell phone....

Delishus said...

see, the mistake you made is in the order of events. You shouldn't have hit him if he broke it - you should have STARTED by hitting him and told him you'd only stop when he made it work.

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