Thursday, October 09, 2008

Parsnip Surprise

I tell you friends, you have to watch your back as best you can round here when She Of The Town House decides that she is going to cook.
I have to say that her normal culinary standard involves a quick ‘tut’ at the contents of the fridge followed by a bolt for the nearest decent restaurant. Thus she feeds us all pretty well whenever it falls to her to provide.
Every now and then though, a rogue synapse fires and the maternal instinct just can’t be squashed. All very well but, when getting the right setting on the toaster for medium brown has been the culinary highlight of the week so far, I am sure that you will understand what I say when I tell you things can be a bit hit and miss.
The worst of times are when she thinks that it’s time something was used up.
Now that the Axeman has gone to college we ought to buy about half what we used to but in the period of adjustment we are a bit oversupplied from time to time.
Take this evening, I was late back from my travails. I am thanking my lucky stars that I got to the kitchen just as she was peeling the parsnips. I have probably rescued myself from a weekend bout of severe something of other, you know the thing I mean, that stuff that the hospitals are all being ticked off for. In fact from the state of what I saw I may even have rescued Asbo from the same and he has the constitution of a channel ferry.
“I’m just using these up” she said, “ I think they may be on the turn”.
“On the turn woman! They left the turn ten yards back and they are accelerating fast along the straight. It wont be long before they will be signing autographs!!”


Sally said...


I know the feeling about cooking too much now that you are down one... we do it all the time since ED left for her studies....

I am writing again btw... do visit sometime!

john.g. said...


Trixie said...

I'm sitting here gagging for ya. I don't like parsnips at the best of times, let alone mouldy ones! Thanks for turning my tummy this morn with that shot!

headless chicken said...

Now and then I find mouldy veggies in my fridge and cupboard but luckily the g-pigs aren't fussy and quite enjoy fluffy-food! I've not had a mouldy parsnip but festering, slimy potato is definitely one of the worst smells ever!!!:(

Anonymous said...