Monday, April 23, 2012

Possibly The Last Post

If I whisper a secret do you think that you can hold it close to your chests? Can you keep it for me? Can you guard it safe?
I hope you might.

I have opened Pandora’s box you see….

Eh?? Oh no not that again. I am not talking about the phone thing again. No no no. Bigger than that I think!

I have cast aside the old bow rope. I have slipped the mooring. I am off on an adventure.

I have lived and worked in North Wales for thirty two years now. Barring Accidents, I shall not quite make it for the thirty third.

Next September I exchange the rural idyll of Hallett’s Mountain for the streets that are reputed to be paved with gold.

Coming soon.

Notes From Hallett’s London

Mae'r e-bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiadau iddo yn gyfrinachol ac wedi eu bwriadu i sylw'r derbynnydd a enwir yn unig. Gallai'r neges fod yn cynnwys gwybodaeth freintiedig. Os yw wedi eich cyrraedd ar ddamwain, ni ddylech ei gopïo, na'i ddosbarthu neu ddangos y cynnwys i unrhyw un, yn hytrach dylech gysylltu â'r sawl a'i danfonodd ar unwaith.


Dave said...

Wow a huge change. I lived in London as a student many years ago and coming from Carmarthen that was a culture shock. But I throughly enjoyed it, which I'm sure you will too. London is really a series of villages and once you settle into one its great.

Will Hallets mountain remain as a retreat and which area will you go to??

Looking forward to some new posts Meredic, as you have been away from the Blogsphere for a while. All the best anyway and the Dawes will be finding its way around the big city.

meredic said...

Dave I am not sure where things go with The Mountain yet but am up for offers!
I shall most certainly be taking my bike.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meredic
I was walking around Swinford/North Stoke the other day when your face popped into my head (I know, I know). I had a moment so scanned your blog and was really surprised at your post on your change of location (and Job?). That's a real life changer! Your mountain seemed like such a fixed point.

Just felt I should leave note and wish you luck in the Smoke. I love to visit but I don't know about living there.

That's the thing about boxes, you just have to open them.
Hope all goes well, get in touch sometime.

Martin Grivell (Bristol)
PS the old Dawes goes everywhere with me too.

meredic said...

Martin! What a delight to hear from you. I surely would like to catch up sometime old friend.

meredic at gmail dot com